Ash - Dictamnus From The Rut Family
Ash - Dictamnus From The Rut Family

Video: Ash - Dictamnus From The Rut Family

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Yasenets, dictamnus
Yasenets, dictamnus

I saw an original flower in the picture, its shape amazed me.

And all the beauty lies in the long curved stamens, very similar to cilia, and above them unusual - white petals. He emanates from him some kind of touching innocence, like a bride.

It turns out that this is an ash tree, dictamnus (Dictamnus albus L), this. root. Unfortunately, I have not yet met him in nature. Is it as good as the picture?

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I decided to find out more about him. Judging by the description, the plant is rather unpretentious, and it should settle in our gardens, especially since it is widespread everywhere: the Caucasus, Siberia, Europe. A plant with straight branched stems, forms a strong, slender bush up to 80 cm tall. It is winter hardy, it can grow in one place up to 8-10 years. Refers to ether carriers. The leaves are unpaired pinnate with toothed sessile transparent speckled leaves, dark green, retain their decorative appearance until frost.

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Yasenets, dictamnus
Yasenets, dictamnus

Flowers are collected in racemose inflorescences, white, sometimes pink. Blooms during July-August, requires clay, not very moist, neutral soil and sunny location.

Propagated by dividing the bush, planting distance 45-50 cm. Divide the bush in early spring or August. You can sow seeds, but they quickly lose their germination, so sowing should be carried out in the fall, immediately after they are harvested. Seedlings are grown for 2-3 years, then planted in a permanent place.

Yasenets is used for both single and group plantings. Only such meager information I could get about this plant. But, probably, one of our gardeners grows an ash tree in his garden and admires it at the time of flowering. I think that many lovers of beautiful plants, and not just me, would be interested to know everything about the ash tree. Write, does it really deserve our attention?

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