Growing Orchid Primrose Through Seedlings
Growing Orchid Primrose Through Seedlings

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Orchid primrose
Orchid primrose

Primrose is a plant that almost all gardeners know. However, there are varieties of this plant that can surprise and interest even an experienced grower. One of these varieties is the Viala orchid primrose variety. What is this plant? It is a frost-resistant perennial, whose height is 30 centimeters.

This flower surprises with its shape and color. First, in June-July, inflorescences appear in the form of a cone with dark red buds, which then, opening up, have a tubular shape and acquire a lilac-pink-purple hue.

Orchid primrose of the Viala variety grows well in wet areas, partially in the shade. It is better to grow this plant through seedlings, as its seeds are very small. They should rarely be sown on the surface of wet compost. After sowing, the seeds should be sprinkled with a thin layer of compost. Sowing deep can cause them not to sprout.

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The container with the sown seeds must be closed with polyethylene and kept at a temperature of 13-18 ° C until the seeds germinate. After the emergence of seedlings, it is necessary to ensure such conditions that the air temperature in the place of their maintenance is not higher than 18 ° C, and that direct sunlight does not fall on the seedlings.

When 2-3 true leaves appear, the plants dive - they are seated at a distance of five centimeters from each other. Seasoned seedlings can be planted in a permanent place when the threat of recurrent frost has passed. Here, the distance between primrose plants is already left equal to 30 centimeters.

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