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Sanvitalia - For Flower Beds And Hanging Baskets
Sanvitalia - For Flower Beds And Hanging Baskets

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Sanvitalia - bright and dense carpet


Sanvitalia prostrate - a very unusual creeping annual. Its seeds have recently appeared in our sale. This floral plant is used most often in those places where it is necessary to quickly and tightly cover the soil.

The endlessly branching shoots of the sanvitalia with flowers that resemble zinnia, almost instantly form a dense carpet. At the same time, the stems reach 45 cm in length and no more than 15 cm in height.

She comes from Mexico, therefore it is very light and thermophilic, but, despite this, it blooms profusely both in dry and rainy summers.

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Small, 1.5-2.5 cm in diameter, inflorescences appear continuously over dense foliage from July to October.

Their core is light brown or golden-green, depending on the variety, framed by yellow or yellow-orange reed flowers.

Sanvitalia successfully blended with the company of yellow-flowered plants, a carpet of its sunny flowers can cheer you up even on a damp, uncomfortable day.

Plus, it's easy to grow from seed. They can be sown both for seedlings in March and outdoors in May. Sanvitalia seedlings tolerate transplantation very well, they are only afraid of frost during planting in open ground. Therefore, it is better to harden the seedlings before planting.

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If the sanitary plant is planted in hanging baskets in combination with other annuals of contrasting colors (Iberis bitter, mesembriantenum, nenophilus, salvia, salniglostis, cymenaria, lacfiola, fragrant peas, nasturtium, forget-me-not, their blue carnation, feathery, pantyhose) the cascades will fall beautifully down.

It is also suitable for framing flower beds. So far, sanitation is not widespread not only in our country, but also abroad, but it's a pity - this plant is great for fans of sunny colors.

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