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Growing Raspberry Or Raspberry
Growing Raspberry Or Raspberry

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Raspberry with maple leaves

raspberry or fragrant raspberry
raspberry or fragrant raspberry

My garden is decorated with an unusual shrub. In the fall, when he drops the leaves, he looks like a regular raspberry. In summer, its shoots are covered from top to bottom with luxurious bright green, slightly pubescent large leaves. They are similar in shape to maple leaves, only larger and velvety. The plant is called raspberry.

The shrub has all the properties of a raspberry. Semi-spreading bush. It contains the shoots of the current year and the shoots of the last year. Their length reaches 1.7 m, but the height of the bush does not exceed 1.3-1.4 m due to the fact that they, gracefully bending in arcs, lean towards the ground. Young shoots and leaf petioles are colored the color of the brightest boiled beet. This color is given to them by numerous soft hairs sticking out in all directions, like small spines.

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If such velvety shoots are stroked, then a pleasant fragrant glue remains on the hand, which the glands on the hairs secrete. Because of this smell, raspberry is called fragrant raspberry. By the end of summer, young shoots turn brown, their green peel with raspberry skin dries up. In the second year of life, the shoots are light brown in color with a flaky outer layer.

As befits a raspberry, it blooms and bears fruit every year. Her flowers are large, up to 5 cm in diameter with five rounded crimson-pink petals, very decorative. The core of the flower is densely covered with light yellow stamens. Flowers are collected in large inflorescences on dark crimson petioles with glandular hairs, as on leaf petioles. The flowering period is very extended, due to which the bush stands adorned with flowers from July to September.

From late July to late summer, berries ripen one after another, bright crimson, ideal hemispherical shape. Juicy, with very small bones, sour-sweet, they are very pleasant to the taste. And their aroma is pleasant, peculiar, soft. This flavor persists in the jam. It is not at all like the aroma of our regular raspberries. These berries - several pieces - can be added to jams from other berries - for a bouquet. Unfortunately, fragrant raspberries have a rather thin layer of tasty pulp. Therefore, the berry looks rather large, but there is little edible in it.

The fragrant raspberry comes from eastern North America, where it grows wild on rocky forest slopes. She is quite winter-hardy and feels great in the conditions of our region. No cover required. In rare cold winters, the ends of the shoots can freeze. Practically does not get sick, and pests were not noticed on it. It can be planted in the sun, or in a semi-shady place. Its main requirement is that the soil should not be too acidic. Loves loose and fertile soil (who does not love it), well moisturized.

If there is no such soil near the bush, he will look for it with the help of underground stolons. For example, one of my bushes was planted in sour sandy loam overgrown with perennial weeds. For several years the bush, it would seem, did not grow. But after three years, he suddenly gave out luxurious root shoots in a potato field located 4 meters from the bush! That's how cunning he is, this raspberry. But on good soils it grows very quickly, forming lush bushes.

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Fragrant raspberries are easily propagated by root shoots, like common raspberries. It can be planted in autumn in September or early spring. After planting, the bushes must be cut to 30 cm, no matter how sorry it is. The distance between the bushes when planting is 60-80 cm. Growing up, they very quickly form solid thickets. The soil for planting is dug on the bayonet of a shovel, a bucket of compost is applied per square meter of area and a complete mineral fertilizer is added - according to the instructions for this fertilizer.

Care is the same as for ordinary raspberries: loosen the soil, remove weeds - in the first year after planting, this must be done. Mature bushes do not allow weeds to grow on their territory. In early spring, it is advisable to give fertilizing with nitrogen fertilizers, in early June - fertilizing with full mineral fertilizers. In the fall, you need to cut two-year-old shoots to soil level. If possible, you need to apply organic fertilizers - once every 2-3 years. Plants will immediately perk up after such a gift and will not remain in debt - they will smile with beauty and fragrant berries.

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