When Is It Better To Plant Garden Strawberries
When Is It Better To Plant Garden Strawberries

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In practice, strawberries can be planted throughout the growing season. But this is usually done in autumn and spring. Rarely, in special cases, it is planted at other times. This, as a rule, is not a mass planting, but the placement of several or even one plant.

For example, once I brought a rosette of Gigantella Maxim strawberries with flowers and green berries from Kostroma in the 20th of July. More than two days passed from disembarkation of seedlings to planting. Before moving it to a permanent place, I removed the berries and flowers, watered abundantly and shaded the bush. He took root well, and from him I propagated this variety.

I have six books on or with extensive sections on strawberries. Only G.F. Govorov and D.N. Govorov, who wrote the book "Strawberries and Strawberries", M., 2001, consider spring the best planting date, without even mentioning autumn. The rest of the authors recommend doing this both in the spring and in the fall, still preferring early autumn planting. They all advise planting strawberries as early as possible in the spring so that they capture more moisture in the soil.

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Author of the brochure "Strawberries" (for amateur gardeners), St. Petersburg, 1993, E.V. Majorov rightly points out that where autumn frosts come early and there is little snow in winter, spring planting is recommended. It is carried out as soon as possible, when there is still enough moisture in the soil. The best date is May. About the autumn planting of strawberries, he writes the following: "As a rule, early autumn planting gives good results when planting, starting from the second half of August to the first ten days of September. By the onset of stable cold weather, the plants have time to take root well, get stronger and are ready to successfully endure winter hardships. Especially when falling out. deep snow cover within 25-30 cm ".

If we generalize the opinions of scientists about the early autumn planting of strawberries, then it is almost unanimous - the best period is the period from August 15 to September 15.

I had to plant strawberries at different times - I laid my first garden bed in a developed area in August - as my friends advised me. Then I began to consider spring as the best landing time. There were the following arguments: the overwintered seedlings have well-developed roots and leaves, they are no longer threatened by frost and they will develop well. In the spring, when the beds are not yet occupied, it is easier to choose from them suitable for strawberries.

But, observing my plantings, as well as studying special literature, getting acquainted with the experience of practitioners, which is covered in periodicals, I came to the conclusion that G.P. Solopov, author of the book "Strawberry Culture", M., 1955 is more right here. who writes: “The best time for planting strawberries is early autumn. autumn planting has an advantage. Strawberries, planted in the most favorable terms from August 15 to September 15, before the onset of stable frosts have time to take root, the soil settles and adheres well to the roots of plants. " Those. plants planted in autumn,have a certain leap of time for faster and better development than those planted in spring, which can affect the next year when entering fruiting - such strawberries form more horns, lay more flower buds, which allows you to get more berries from it.

Solopov cites a table, where, according to the data of the Leningrad Fruit Experimental Station, it is shown how strawberry plants developed at different dates of early autumn planting. As can be seen from the table, the indicators of strawberry development for the period from August 10 to September 5 decreased significantly, and for the month from September 5 to October 5 they remained unchanged or changed slightly, that is, in the first case, a delay in planting worsened the development of plants, and in the period from From September 5 to October 5, the planting time had little effect on the development of strawberries.

As you can see, most authors consider the period from August 15 to September 15 to be the best landing date. My personal experience and long-term observations show that most gardeners start planting strawberries before August 15 and finish before September 1. Plantings in September are rare and are largely due to the prevailing circumstances.

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Unfortunately, planting in spring and autumn has one significant drawback - one berry season is lost, since during spring planting the harvest of berries is insignificant, and in early autumn it strongly depends on the planting time.

Let's compare the biological abilities of strawberries with the results in the table. Strawberry roots penetrate the soil to a shallow depth - experimental excavations show that basically the root system is located at a depth of 30 cm, only a small part of the roots penetrates to a depth of 50 cm. Most of the zoned varieties have a bush diameter of 40-45 cm. Now let's look at table: strawberries planted on August 10, in the spring of next year, has roots 21 cm long, bush diameter 16.9 cm, 96% of the plants gave flower stalks. True, Solopov does not write at what time such results were obtained in the spring, but the flowering phase begins in late May - early June, 30-40 days after the start of the growing season, and a month after the beginning of flowering, the strawberry enters the fruiting phase. Therefore, we can assume that the information for the table for all indicators, except for the weight of the berry,received in late May - early June. By this time, strawberry bushes could form 2-3 horns.

Considering that almost all the plants gave berries (96% according to the table), it seems, we can assume that the first harvest was obtained in the spring of the year following the autumn planting. But this is self-deception. Just as one swallow does not make spring, so one peduncle on a bush is not yet a yield indicator. True, the first harvest for biological reasons cannot be large - the strawberry bush has just begun to form horns, and the more strong horns are formed on the plant, the higher the yield will be. A young rosette at the time of rooting has one horn, by the fall there are 2-3 of them, in the second year 5-9, in the third 8-16, etc. In the first three years, the number of horns increases, then their formation decreases.

And yet there is a way to get a fairly good harvest of berries in the spring of the year following the autumn planting. I was convinced of this by experience. As often happens, it all happened by accident. In August 2000, I was presented with one rosette of the Finnish variety Honiola (Medovaya). I made a 1.0x0.8 m bed for her. The strawberries rooted well and overwintered. In the spring of 2001, I processed it, thoroughly loosened it up and kept the soil moist. I did not know anything about this variety, and in order to find out what berries it has, I could not resist - I left one peduncle and removed the rest. Several berries ripened, I liked their taste. The bush gave quite a lot of whiskers, on which rosettes of the first and second orders were formed. I took them for planting, and left the mustache of subsequent orders for growing.

Значения порядка розеток я тогда не знал и ориентировался на число листьев и длину корней. На новую грядку розетки я высадил 11 августа. До наступления холодов кустики заметно подросли. Весной я досадил на эту же грядку к 21 кустику, посаженному осенью, еще 18 из школки. Рассада имела хорошо развитые корни, 4-5 листьев и по размеру не намного отличались от посаженных осенью. К моменту цветения посаженные осенью розетки заметно подросли, имели 2-4 рожка, хорошо цвели, дали крупные ягоды и для первого года хороший урожай. Рассада, высаженная весной, отставала в росте от осенней. Плодоносило всего несколько кустов, причем ягоды были мельче. Только осенью размер кустов почти сравнялся. Поэтому, учитывая рекомендации авторов книг и собственный опыт, я советую раннеосенние посадки проводить в более ранние сроки, до 1 августа.

The best results will be when planted between July 15th and August 1st. For this, it is necessary to prepare (preferably in a micro-nursery) rosettes of the first order (the first from the mother bush). The rosettes planted at the recommended time will develop well in the fall, prepare for wintering, form several horns, lay flower buds, and in spring they will start to grow and give the first harvest. There will be no berry-free season, and the fruiting period can be extended by a year.

I will tell you more about how to make a micro-greenhouse and grow seedlings.

As for planting strawberries at a later date - from August 15 to September 1 and later, until September 15, they are now being practiced often with us. The seedlings will take root and winter safely. But just like planted in spring, it will give few berries, and you will have a berry-free season for one season. Planting seedlings from September 15 and later is risky. Lunges and bulging of plants in spring are quite possible. It is necessary to have reserve seedlings in a school or a prikop to replenish the dead.

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