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Cherry Russian
Cherry Russian

Video: Cherry Russian

Video: Cherry Russian
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This cherry variety has been growing in our garden for a very long time, it was acquired by my grandfather in the city of Michurinsk

Russian cherry
Russian cherry

And when in the seventies we received the first garden plot in Tambov, they brought this cherry from the village where my grandfather and grandmother lived. It took root and began to bear fruit. Now, many years later, this cherry also bears fruit perfectly every year. Possesses high winter hardiness and frost resistance, I have never observed either freezing or freezing on it. The disadvantage of this variety is that the tree can grow tall, and it also gives root growth.

The berries are not very large, sweet and sour taste, perhaps more sour than sweet. We harvest a huge harvest every season. The fruits of Russian cherries, if not plucked, can sag until September. From this they only become sweeter, and then there is no point in leaving the fruits on the tree: they begin to dry out. The maximum time they hung - until September 18. But we begin to harvest the main crop on it in July. Enough for the family, and remains for the market. The demand for it is good, especially since many cherries in their orchards have been frozen, even the latest vaunted varieties.

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Cherry Russianalmost does not get sick. The only thing I do - before and after flowering - I process the plants, or rather the inflorescences, with intavir: a huge number of pests have appeared that are ready to feast on them, and after processing everything blooms, and all the trees bear fruit. In addition, in my garden there are still 27 varieties of frost-resistant sweet cherries growing, this is also very important: the more different varieties, the better the pollination and the greater the yield. Cherry varieties Yuzhanka, Raspletka of Saratov selection, Effective, Vuzovskaya also grow. The last two varieties are undersized - up to 1 meter, and they do not grow higher. There are three more unknown cherry varieties that are very interesting to me; grows in the garden Black sand cherry, but it has very small fruits. There are also four more varieties of plum-cherry growing. All these plants are pollinated, which also affects the yield. When bloom beginsthen I sprinkle all the plants with sweet water (I spread jam and some honey) - this attracts a large number of bees and bumblebees.

The main problem is to harvest the entire harvest of berries, because there are a lot of them. Most of the harvest goes to the market, some goes to the preparation of liqueur according to our own recipe. The acquaintances whom I treat with her admit that they have never tried anything like this. There are enough berries for juice, part of it goes to making jelly. For 1 liter of juice, take 1.2 kg of sugar and boil this mixture over low heat until it turns into jelly. It's a wonderful thing!

It is better to prepare cherry juice with a juicer, in this case you do not need to put sugar in the juice: it comes out at a high temperature and does not ferment in closed jars and does not explode the lids - this is very beneficial. But before use, you still need to add a little sugar, otherwise the juice will be a little sour. Be sure to cook a small amount of jam with seeds. Such tea jam is especially good.

But most of the cherries go to the market. Her harvest more than covers all expenses. No other horticultural crop brings us as much income as cherries. True, pears of late varieties are still in great demand on the market. Their fruits are stored for a very long time, for example, the fruits of the Rossoshanskaya late variety. Of course, always, early currants are also popular, which yield already on June 9-10, but this season the cherry has broken all records.

The winter was very bad, and many varieties, as I found out, completely died, because I communicate with all the gardeners of Tambov, and almost everyone complains that there are no cherries. And not only cherries, many other plants were completely frozen - the winter was very harsh with large sudden changes in temperature. And my cherry variety has passed all the tests.

There are, of course, some disadvantages of this cherry variety. So, sometimes, when multiplying by root shoots, a tree with one trunk can grow, or maybe just a bush. How to explain this, I do not know, although the fruits are the same in taste, color, size. The value of the variety is that, when propagated by root shoots, the varietal qualities of this variety are not lost. The plant has already become so acclimatized to the conditions of the environment where it grows that it does not care for the vagaries of nature.

The leaves on these cherries are small. I also procure them in large quantities; they are used for vitamin teas, for pickles and pickles, and for making liqueurs. Also, cherry leaves can be used to make a tincture. Cherry leaves, raspberry leaves, currant leaves - all this is to insist on alcohol or vodka for one or two weeks - an excellent tincture is obtained, which is very pleasant to drink, but the most delicious is obtained from cherry liqueur, the recipe for which I can offer to those who send an envelope for an answer.

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Russian cherry
Russian cherry

Now I am watching a very interesting cherry variety of Saratov selection. It's called Raspberry. This variety has very large fruits, but it is still too early to write about it, it takes time for testing.

I also want to breed wild Mogoleb cherry on a large scale. The plant is valuable in that excellent rootstocks for cherries and cherries grow from the seeds of its fruits. I advise everyone who wants to start grafting and propagating cherries and cherries - be sure to get a Mogolebka. The uniqueness of this plant is that rootstocks are quickly expelled from its seeds.

As for the cherry grafting itself, it is best done in mid-July. Cut off a young twig, then tear off all the leaves from it and plant.

Of course, with a large breeding of seedlings, both spring and summer vaccinations are done, and whoever has a heated greenhouse can do this in winter. You can plant seedlings in large cups right away, but this, I repeat, if you have a heated greenhouse.

It is best to cover the joints of seedlings with a film for greenhouses - the thickest one, you just need to cut it into strips.

To everyone who is interested in my cherry variety, I can sell planting material, as well as a recipe for a super-liqueur, which is prepared in two hours from any kind of alcohol and cherry fruits, the color is amazing and the taste is pure cherry, and you can regulate the degrees yourself. Be sure to include an envelope with your address to answer. I will answer only to those who send the envelope. I do not send anything by cash on delivery, only by prepayment and only after agreement. I will send everyone my catalog, in which there are a lot of rare fruitful and large fruit trees, vegetables, and there are shrub plants.

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