How To Grow Ali Baba Strawberries
How To Grow Ali Baba Strawberries

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Every person who works on the earth is constantly experimenting with vegetables, bushes, flowers. It is hard and joyful work. When you see results at the end of the season, it's very pleasant. I want to tell you about my experiments last season.

For three years in a row, she dreamed of growing Ali Baba strawberries from seeds. It succeeded last year. In early February, she sowed seeds and kept a box with them under a fluorescent lamp. There were many plants. I had to dive into a larger box with tweezers. In early May, the dive was repeated, and in June I planted strawberry seedlings on a fertilized, loose bed. She constantly looked after delicate plants: loosened, watered, fertilized. Feeling cared for, they began to grow very rapidly. The bushes became large, dark green, with a lot of peduncles. In mid-August, the strawberries began to bloom. In early September, long, plump, red berries appeared. We ate strawberries until October 3.

There were a lot of bushes, I divided a few pieces and made a border in the garden where my roses grow, and under two apple trees. By the end of the season, these Ali Baba strawberry borders looked very beautiful.

zucchini in the garden
zucchini in the garden

Anyone who works in his garden is interested in everything. I'd like to dig and weed less. To do this, I create beds in my garden in order to raise the earth and not weed. In the fall, on a garden bed, freed from plants, I fold the grass, fill it with a cistern from the toilet, put the grass again, fall asleep with mineral fertilizer, put the grass again, level it and cover it with foil, so that everything will rot better by spring.

In the spring I remove the film, add grass (after cleaning the garden), cover it with humus and cover it with black film. On the film, I make cuts in two or three places, depending on the size of the bed. I fall asleep in the cuts of good humus and plant zucchini, pumpkins.

Last year, I similarly grew cucumbers near the apple tree. There were no apples, and the cucumbers were hanging from the tree. The harvest in such beds is plentiful. Cucumbers stretch up on them, so I plant marigolds in the corners.

The ridge looks very beautiful, and there are no pests.

Now let's taste my wine. Here is the prescription:

Knead 1 kg of black currant (take the best variety, I have the Riddle variety), transfer to a five-liter jar, pour 1 liter of alcohol and 1.5 liters of water, cover with gauze and parchment. Insist 1 month. Squeeze, strain. Dissolve 300 g of granulated sugar in a glass of the resulting liquid. Put on the fire, stirring to dissolve the sand, do not bring to a boil (otherwise the alcohol will evaporate). Cool, mix everything and pour into sterile bottles with a metal cap. The result is a natural wine with a wonderful bouquet.

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