Club Of Amateur Florists "Blooming Garden"
Club Of Amateur Florists "Blooming Garden"

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club of amateur florists Blooming garden
club of amateur florists Blooming garden

We are the Blooming Garden amateur florist club. The idea of ​​forming a club came to us, listeners of a course of lectures on floriculture at the city center of gardeners, in 2000, when at the end of classes we realized that we did not want to leave.

For two years we met in the club with lecturers, amateur gardeners and discussed with them topics and issues of our concern in various fields of floriculture. In addition, we continued to develop our own collections of garden plants, exchanged experience in growing them, and organized trips to the garden plots of club members.

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In 2003, we were invited to the Gardener's Center of the Admiralteisky District, at 7 Moskovsky Avenue. In the summer of the same year, we held the first exhibition of cutting tulips and daffodils. And last season, we have already successfully held three exhibitions: "Garden in Spring", "Peonies and Irises", "Clematis and Phloxes" purchase or order.

During the exhibition "Peonies and Irises" we were able to present the cutting of peonies both from the collection of the Botanical Garden and from our own plants. In addition, we helped the Center to celebrate the New Year for veterans and schoolchildren of the Admiralteisky District, we participated in the improvement of one of the nearest courtyards - we planted flowers grown in our summer cottages in flower beds.

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Members of our club last summer weeded collectible plants in the Botanical Garden. Now the main areas of work of the club members are: continuing the formation of collections of plants in their garden, as well as improving its design; arrangement of the catalog of the club's plants; preparation of lectures on lilacs and clematis); rendering feasible assistance to the Botanical Garden in maintaining its unique collections of plants; charity event dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Victory Day; formation of various flower sections in the club; holding annual flower exhibitions with the sale of our own planting material; weekly consultations of our club members in the Admiralteisky District Gardeners Center. Our contact phone is 310-80-72.

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