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How To Plan Your Garden, Basic Rules
How To Plan Your Garden, Basic Rules

Video: How To Plan Your Garden, Basic Rules

Video: How To Plan Your Garden, Basic Rules
Video: How To Design The Perfect Landscape | Landscape Design 101 2023, December

The owner of the site is the main creator of his beautiful garden


Great masters of landscape design, landscape architects have a good sense of their subject and deliberately move from rules to discrepancies and contradictions that give rise to intrigue, and the observer tries to unravel it. That is, knowing the rules, the master breaks them and thereby becomes the author of unique works.

When creating gardens, there are a number of rules, following which we can achieve unprecedented beauty. A garden is a living organism, all its inhabitants are also complex living organisms. But there is an owner-gardener, it will depend on his abilities what life in the garden will be like. You can find out from the garden: whether its owner knows how to think and whether he is trying to unravel the secrets of nature.

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I invite each reader to look at their garden. The first and main idea that I want to convey to you: you are an artist. You control lines, shapes, light, shadows, colors, moods. You know for whom the picture is being created, you know the characters and needs of your family members, in addition, the available financial opportunities are also not a secret for you.

Where to start? From the ground - this is the canvas on which your painting will be painted. For this:

- carefully study the physical and mechanical composition of the soil;

- try to answer the question: how things are with groundwater;

- evaluate the quality and quantity of mature plants on the site;

- study the buildings and determine their style - this will be the very "stove" from which you will have to dance.

- look outside the site, what surprises the neighbors have prepared for you, and later you will have to think: to fight this or to take it into your composition;

- the seasonality of living in this area will dictate special requirements for the selection of plants, and will be imprinted on the zoning of the site;

- the lifestyle of the owners also matters: some want to retire from civilization; for others, comfort is important in close combination with nature; the third is interested in the rustic image, dictated by the nostalgia for school holidays.


There are also such owners of estates who value the very opportunity to build a fabulous palace and thereby emphasize their importance. Today, the choice of plants is so great that it is difficult to stop.

Collectible gardens are lined up in a special line, although they can also be subordinated to a certain style. It is worth noting here that the gardener dooms himself to colossal work. A very serious moment when creating a garden: choosing the optimal number of fruit trees and shrubs. A reasonable minimum of them will then not burden you with care: what to do with the surplus crop?

For the inhabitants of the North-West region, there is another problem: the correct choice of plants. Relying on my many years of experience, I usually suggest that each of my students learn to play a very useful game during the courses: “I am a plant such and such”. Everyone should imagine himself as any chosen plant, because we can easily say to ourselves what we like, what we love. In this case, it is worthwhile to work a little with special literature, and the answer appears by itself. For example: I am an apple tree. I like living in the sun, I don't like high groundwater.

Preparing for wintering, I like abundant watering, I will easily demonstrate my pleasure by dropping foliage in a friendly manner. I can bear fruit abundantly and annually if I am properly formed. I like it when the graft site faces south. At your request, I can be tall or short. If the choice fell on a plant about which little is known yet, you need to prepare yourself for a possible loss and not be upset.

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Another example: I am a daylily. They say about me that there is no simpler plant, yes, I am quite easy to care for. I don't like organic fertilizer - I don't want to bloom after it.

If in the spring, when I am just making my way to the sun, I prune to ground level - I will be very grateful and will delight you with abundant flowering. I don’t want to look untidy, so I love the daily removal of faded flowers - I’m pretty, that is, my flower pleases the eye for only one day. When choosing plants, go through the surroundings and admire the wild forms, because with careful attention to ordinary plants, you can get pets of amazing beauty.

In the photos attached to this article, you can see how good our local conifers look and decorate the garden even in winter. You should not make life difficult for yourself by creating very oversaturated flower beds. Mixborders are aerobatics that require constant increased attention. An unkempt flower garden cannot bring joy to the observer.


Another interesting moment in the life of a gardener: the opinion of a neighbor. If a neighbor came to you and said that your flower garden seemed unsuccessful to him, do not rush to remodel, think over everything again, consult with people whose opinion is important to you.

Well, if a neighbor, on the contrary, asks for permission to "write off" your flower garden or an idea in the landscape, do not be afraid and allow: let him dare. After all, no one will be able to repeat everything one to one. Today, almost every gardener can easily answer the question: who is the ancestor of gardening. China gave the world gardens. The main idea of the oriental garden is to imitate nature.

The nature of our land is so good that with an attentive attitude to it, we can also create magnificent compositions that will turn our garden into a heavenly delight. I would like to offer readers a little journey for impressions, this will be useful for further work on your landscape. Please remember your feelings from walking in the regular park of Petrodvorets and the landscape parks of Pavlovsk and Gatchina. Do you feel the difference?