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Kuril Tea - Potentilla

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Kuril tea, cinquefoil
Kuril tea, cinquefoil

Kuril tea (cinquefoil shrub) is one of the long and beautiful flowering shrubs. In nature, it is found in the territory from the Far East to Western Europe, in the northern regions, preferring slopes and rocky talus.

Therefore, it is better to plant it in gardens in well-drained sunny places. The wild form reaches a height of 1.5 m and up to 1.5 m in diameter, blooms with yellow flowers 2 cm in diameter from mid-July until frost.

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But varietal forms are much more interesting. It should be said right away that varieties with white, pink and red flowers are less decorative than yellow large-flowered varieties. I consider the Goldfinger variety the most reliable - it blooms with large (up to 5 cm in diameter) flowers from July to frost. It happens that the temperature dropped to -5 ° C, but then it got warmer, and the bush is again in bloom, as if nothing had happened. The flowering is very abundant.

Kuril tea, cinquefoil
Kuril tea, cinquefoil

At the age of three, this is a ball 100-120 cm in diameter, on which leaves are not visible due to golden flowers. And the foliage from the moment of blooming until flowering (when it is no longer visible) is also very decorative - small five-cut leaves, pubescent on the lower side, create an indescribable impression of a bush, as it were, floating above the ground.

This variety, like the wild form, is absolutely undemanding to growing conditions, withstands acidic and moist soils, and partial shade. Looks great in groups and single landings.

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There is one more very great advantage of Kuril tea - it does not need "cosmetic" pruning. Faded flowers are noticeable only after falling leaves and before the leaves bloom, but during this period they (and the fruits) give the bush a peculiar original look against the background of a snow-covered garden.

All varieties of Kuril tea prefer poor, rather loose soils. One or two top dressing in May-June is all he needs.

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