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Growing And Varieties Of Cosme
Growing And Varieties Of Cosme

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The forgotten flower returns to the flower beds


What could be more charming than a delicate openwork cloud of greenery, decorated with multi-colored light daisies. Previously, such a cloud could be seen from the train windows near every road warden's house.

Yes, and in the gardens they loved the cosmos for its tenderness, unpretentiousness, for its calming effect. A rare front garden did without her. Later, it was superseded by foreign bright curiosities. However, now they "got drunk", and again they were drawn to childish feelings.

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So let's sow cosme again. I don’t know how it will look near the now fashionable conifers, and it’s unlikely that the cosmos will come in handy not far from the rocky hill. But at the end of the green lawn against the background of tall bushes or under the windows of a house, where there is a lot of sun, it will look very cute. Her vocation is to decorate the garden, because cosmos means "decoration" in Greek. It can grow like a flowering hedge near a fence, it can fill in voids in a rabat, or it can decorate a flower bed.

A magical sight - when a ray of the evening sun, making its way through the trunks or branches of the shrubs, gets entangled in the cobwebs of the foliage of the cosme bush growing among the undersized flowers of the mixborder. By the way, she tolerates a haircut well.


Kosmeya loves bright corners, but not the hottest places, preferring partial shade. It is unpretentious to soils, moreover, it cannot be grown on very fertile soils, because greenery will grow to the detriment of flowering. Strongly acidic soils will have to be deoxidized.

Cosmos came to us from Mexico and immediately captivated gardeners with their charm. They liked it in our cool regions, they actively grow in height up to one meter or more, before throwing out the heads of graceful joyful flowers. Each plant blooms several large inflorescences with delicate or bright petals - snow-white, pink, bright crimson, purple - and a small bright yellow core. Openwork strongly dissected leaves make plants airy.

Kosmeya is the peak of summer. It is curious that this summer plant belongs to short-day plants, so it will never bloom during the white nights. It should be dark for at least ten hours a day.

Kosmeya can be sown with seeds directly into the ground in mid-May. You can sow seedlings in April, and at the end of night frosts, plant young plants in the ground at a distance of 30 cm from each other. Through seedlings, you need to sow undersized or very large-flowered varieties. To get beautiful bouquets right in flower beds, they sow in nests of 3-4 seeds. The distance between the nests in the ground is 30-40 cm.

Cosmeya practically does not require leaving. Better, of course, if the soil is loosened, watered in dry weather, remove weeds. You can feed a little before flowering with phosphorus-potassium fertilizer or ash. Faded buds must be removed, then the flowering period will last longer.

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Kosmeya is stunningly beautiful in bouquets. Plants for this must be cut at the stage of half-open buds. Then she can stand in a vase for up to two weeks, delighting the soul with her grace.

Recently, a very beautiful, slightly terry variety of cosmeas - Psyche appeared on sale, the height of the bush is 90 cm.

Sensation is a beauty with very graceful openwork leaves, perfectly even white flowers 5-8 cm in diameter with a yellow core. The plant is 70-120 cm high, highly branched.

In recent years, we have on sale the seeds of the closest relatives of the known cosmos. For example, space is sulfur yellow. Its leaves are less dissected than that of double-feathery cosmos, and it was mentioned above about it. Smaller inflorescences - 4-6 cm in diameter. He has been known abroad for a long time. Popular varieties: Klondike, Orange Flame - orange flowers; Yollv Raffles - golden inflorescences; Sani Gold - a dwarf variety, 30-35 cm tall, orange, double; Orange is a compact bush, up to 30 cm tall, with openwork strongly dissected leaves. The flowers are orange in color and cover the whole plant abundantly, which looks very impressive.

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