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Kennel "Northern Flora" - Flower Klondike
Kennel "Northern Flora" - Flower Klondike

Video: Kennel "Northern Flora" - Flower Klondike

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных

The bouquet of "Northern Flora" has become even more magnificent

Plant nursery Northern Flora
Plant nursery Northern Flora

Delphinium of the Sunny Skies variety - a New Zealand guest near St. Petersburg

Time flies by. It turned out that two summers and two winters had passed since we got acquainted with the Northern Flora nursery of ornamental plants in Gatchina. During this time, the collection of the nursery has grown with new products, which I wanted to find out about on the spot.

Open to all the winds, a hectare with countless flower treasures has excited my soul since the time I saw it. Two years ago I brought from this nursery a bunch of flowers and bushes for my garden. They all took root well, bloomed and pleased. But every winter is unknown, and as soon as the snow began to melt today, I ran to check how my favorites overwintered.

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Everyone is alive and well, just like after the first winter. The dryad sprout, brought from the nursery in a small pot, spread into a large hummock. From under the snow, a lovely plant came out green. Pozharsky's bell steadfastly endured the second winter. Before him, I had a sad experience with such a bell, bought in some store - it did not live until spring. And this Spartan from "Northern Flora" admired for several months with its continuous flowering, grew and formed a cascade.

The bather bloomed for an unusually long time compared to its wild relative. Jasmine exuded a strawberry aroma, and spireas gave me a garden of continuous flowering. Astrantia stopped the attention of everyone who came to the site. Nobody, it turns out, knows this ancient plant. I did not know him either, until the owner of the kennel Nadezhda Fedorovna Martikainen opened my eyes to him.

Plant nursery Northern Flora
Plant nursery Northern Flora

Willow varieties Sverdlovsk sinuous

Delicate ground cover cymbalaria, as promised at the time of purchase, blooms continuously and grows rapidly, demonstrating tremendous vitality. The named and other pets of this kennel, who settled in my garden, turned out to be very easy to care for.

They did not need to be sheltered for the winter, and they grew beautifully in the summer. Looking at them, I remembered the owner of "Northern Flora" and wanted to meet to say thank you. So I ended up in the Gatchina region again. I saw a lot of interesting things, acquired something, gained impressions, which I hasten to share with the readers.

On the way to the nursery I imagined that I would see an area with pots covered with snow. And when I arrived, I found spring in full swing. The snow was forcibly driven to prevent molds harmful to plants from growing under it. Flowers in pots that had wintered in the open air looked out cheerfully. Plants also woke up in the beds. The lipstick hatched.

Terry marigold drove the buds. The young came out from under the snow in excellent shape. Nadezhda Fyodorovna says that the winter was favorable for plants, and the spring did not disappoint - there were no strong winds yet in the bright sun. Still, it is better to play it safe and mulch flowers such as alpine asters so that the spring wind does not dry them out while the root system is still in the ice.

Plant nursery Northern Flora
Plant nursery Northern Flora

Shrub cinquefoil Goldteppich

The greenhouses filled with the dizzy smell of damp earth and young greenery. In some pots, flowers bloomed. The upstarts turned out to be a rare juniper saxifrage and variegated aubrieta, exuding a honey aroma. Daphne (wolf's bast) blooms in due time. Multicolored thyme looks wonderful. There are about a dozen varieties of them in the nursery. Nadezhda Fyodorovna explains that the plants that will participate in the April exhibitions have been placed in the greenhouse.

After all, Dutch seedlings are brought there with leaves and even flowering ones, and ours next to them in appearance lose. In life, the opposite is true: hardened plants grown in Spartan conditions feel very good after transplanting into their native soil. This is the strength of plants from "Northern Flora". Not only do they hibernate without shelter and in pots, they are not overfed.

The currently popular biostimulants are practically not used in the nursery. Nadezhda Fedorovna explains that the excessive use of biostimulants to obtain "unprecedented flowers" is the same as doping for athletes, which destroys the body. The plant organism is depleted from frequent biostimulation. A healthy normal plant grows and blooms normally without prodding.

Not the last factor that determines the quality of seedlings is the human factor. It is important that plants are looked after by people who love their work, treat it with soul, because plants, as you know, are sentient beings. Nadezhda Fyodorovna has created a friendly, stable team. People work in the nursery with pleasure, and their mood is transmitted to the plants.

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How phlox Sonata became Natasha

Plant nursery Northern Flora
Plant nursery Northern Flora

Phlox paniculate varieties Starburs

The collection of "Northern Flora" has more than half a thousand species of perennial ornamental plants. Its peculiarity is that it is built according to the varietal principle. Nadezhda Fyodorovna gathers all its varieties around each plant. He closely monitors new products and takes them into development: multiplies, adapts, hardens.

And only after the beginners show their vitality, does it offer to kind people. Every year something new appears. The white-flowered swimsuit is now being tested. We sowed new varieties of bells, dryads, coreopsis for seedlings … In the selection of plants, a scientist biologist often proceeds from personal preferences. Nadezhda Fyodorovna likes phloxes, geraniums, cinquefoil, and, naturally, a lot of space is given to these flowers.

She takes part in organizing the World of Phlox exhibition, which is annually held at the Gardener's House on Fontanka. The selection for participation in it is very demanding, and the exhibition enjoys well-deserved popularity. By the way, phloxes in Russia are sometimes called "calico" and "fiery" for their diversity and brightness. The German breeder of these plants Karl Forster believed that "a garden without phlox is nonsense."

In the Northern Flora nursery there are more than thirty varieties of phlox. Two of them are named after Nadezhda Fedorovna's children: Natasha and Mishenka. At first I thought she was their author, but it turned out that it was just a coincidence. The Natasha phlox was originally called the Sonata. It was under this name that it existed in the collection of the Minsk Botanical Garden until the Dutch botanists appeared there. They liked the plant, left for Holland, multiplied strongly and returned to us under the name Natasha in honor of Natalia Lunina, the curator of the phlox collection. And the Russian phlox Uralskie skazy, on the contrary, returned to us with the Dutch name Ferris Wheel after active meristem reproduction.

Urals and New Zealanders in one bouquet

Plant nursery Northern Flora
Plant nursery Northern Flora

Phlox paniculite variety Mishenka

New Zealand delphiniums and meandering willows of the Ural selection can be considered the hit of the season in this nursery. The delphiniums were bred from New Zealand, from where the nursery ordered their seeds. They have been cultivated here for the third year already and have shown their winter hardiness. These are magnificent plants, tall, with large flowers, including double ones.

Willow varieties Sverdlovskaya sinuous-2 are not overjoyed in the nursery. How good it is in summer and winter. Its leaves, bark and shoots are beautiful. In winter, when the willow is covered with snow, the gracefulness of the twisting shoots stands out especially clearly. Where are you, artists?

Willows of the Sverdlovsk selection are not afraid of winds and frosts. There are many different sizes and shapes of willows in the nursery collection. And then there are Potentilla, hydrangeas, bells … You can get acquainted with all the variety of plants on the site of the nursery. There are now photographs reflecting the life of the nursery at different times of the year. It is enough to dial "Northern Flora" and the Klondike will open to you.

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