How To Create A Continuous Flowering Flower Bed In The Garden
How To Create A Continuous Flowering Flower Bed In The Garden

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It is very easy to create a holiday feeling in the garden from spring to autumn. It is necessary to plant balsams, viola (pansies), coleus, catharanthus, primroses, Drummond phlox, petunias in the flower garden.

The main advantage of these flowers is decorativeness throughout the summer. Low compact bushes are so densely covered with flowers that even one plant can become an ornament to any flower bed or flowerpot!

Firm "Agros" offers more than 200 types of flowers of the Japanese seed company "SAKATA" - the world leader in the selection and production of flower seeds. "SAKATA" presents to Siberians an amazing collection of viols (pansies) - more than 35 hybrids, primroses for a spring flower garden - 27 hybrids, 18 varieties of Drummond phlox, more than 40 hybrids of petunias, coleus, balsams, catharanthus.

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Do you want your garden to be surrounded by airy clouds of pink, white, purple flowers? Stop your choice on petunias of the "Explorer" series


Petunia hybrid Explorer (Petunia hybrida)

A perennial plant grown as an annual. It has a sprawling habitus of a bush, the length of the shoots is up to 100 cm, it can be used as an ampelous or ground cover plant. The bush blooms profusely, blooms in early spring and continues to bloom until autumn frosts.

The diameter of the flower is 5.0-7.5 cm. The petals have a glossy waxy structure that reflects water, due to which the plant recovers very quickly after rain. Petunia is a relatively unpretentious and very plastic plant, not demanding on soils, tolerates drought, cold snap and slight frosts.

Very often gardeners ask: - How to properly grow petunia seedlings so that they are strong and bloom for a long time?

Seeds for seedlings are sown in the last decade of March, it is not worth sowing earlier, because daylight hours are still short, and the seedlings will be unnecessarily stretched.

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The seeds (the Japanese company "SAKATA" produces the seeds of petunias in a coated form) are laid out on the surface, but in no case covered with earth. The temperature required for seedlings is 20 … 23 ° С.

The soil should not dry out; if watering is necessary, you can spray it with water from a spray bottle. When shoots appear (7-10 days), the bowls are rearranged in the brightest place and still do not allow the substrate to dry out.

If seedlings of ampelous hybrid petunia (surfinia, petunia Explorer) are grown, then the seedlings must be supplemented (daylight hours at least 14 hours). With a short day, this petunia builds up its vegetative mass, but blooms late. When 2-3 true leaves appear, the seedlings dive into cups 5-7 cm in diameter.

They are planted in open ground from the second half of May at a distance of 15-25 cm, ampelous forms - 30-40 cm.In order for petunia to bloom profusely, it is necessary to fertilize with complex fertilizer every 10-15 days, this is especially true for large-flowered hybrids.

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