I Recommend, Russian Willow
I Recommend, Russian Willow

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For true Russians -

Russian willow, -

Tender and graceful, Mila and beautiful …

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Russian willow
Russian willow

Now, in the garden plots, various ornamental trees and shrubs are at a premium. Mostly exotic. However, even among our, primordially Russian breeds, there are many species that will do honor to any decorative composition, although undeservedly, are neglected. Such is the Russian willow (Salix rossica Nas.) - a low tree, up to 8 meters in height, often inclined to the ground.

It is distinguished by a lush crown of weeping branches, densely covered with long, long narrow-lanceolate silvery-green (top - green, bottom - white with hairs) along the edges with slightly curled leaves. Where is there before her rakite (willow brittle), which is widely used in landscaping.

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Russian willow reproduces easily and simply - just put the cutting in a vessel with water, as in two weeks you will have a plant ready for planting with numerous roots. And it grows very quickly in the first years of life. So you don't have to wait long for it to develop, take on a decorative form and become a garden decoration. He is not afraid of frost and frost. It does not produce root suckers that clog the site, but it can form pneumatic growth.

Willow is completely undemanding to soils, but it loves water, therefore, as if by nature itself, it is intended for landscaping water bodies, their decoration. A large number of plants of this breed on the site is useless, but one or two trees, inclined to the water, will create a unique lyrical mood for you, appearing as if revived Chinese or Japanese miniatures.

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