Registration Of The Entrance To The Summer Cottage
Registration Of The Entrance To The Summer Cottage

Video: Registration Of The Entrance To The Summer Cottage

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flower bed
flower bed

The front entrance to our site left a lot to be desired. If on the right side of the gate there was at least some kind of front garden with flowers, where a bush bush stood proudly, to the beauty of which in the second half of summer and in autumn everyone paid attention, then on the left side there was a mountain of sawdust, next to it was a box of manure and mountain of chips.

And all this was located near the front door because there was a good entrance on this side, and my husband unloaded all the cars with the materials brought here. And since this site was just being developed, everyone did not get around to equip this space. And, oddly enough, the cold and rainy summer helped to make it more attractive.

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I was very worried that the weather was disgusting, it was constantly raining, there was no sun. And in order to somehow raise my mood, my husband, in my absence, made a cascade of flower beds at the gate.

When I arrived at the dacha, I was indescribable delight from what I saw - finally, there will be order at the entrance to the site. The beds were made of planks and filled to the brim with earth. And although it was already the end of June, I quickly began to plant flowers in the beds. I planted amaranth, fragrant tobacco, curly nasturtium, coleus, lobelia by the fence. Other beds began to be filled with chrysanthemums, pelargonium, celosia, viola, ageratum …

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flower bed
flower bed

My joy inspired my husband so much that I received another gift after a short absence at the dacha: the cascade of flower beds continued.

True, difficulties have already arisen with the planting material. But even for these flower beds, flowers were found: annual rudbeckia, marigolds, ageratum, kosmeya. Were planted in flower beds and ornamental grasses. Next year, perennials will also enter these cascades of flower beds.

The first half of summer passed, the rain kept pouring and pouring, the sun rarely visited our places, and if it did appear in the sky, it was always with the strongest wind. At times, the weather was overwhelming us, and in order to get out of this state, we did our best to support each other by implementing at least some small design elements on our site.

The creative process and the desire to please a loved one so captured my spouse that I received another gift - a pergola gate, through which I gladly let the curly beans go. By the way, he managed to make three such pergolas. The last gift I received at the end of the summer, it was the most long-awaited, but since it has not yet been brought to a victorious end, requires finishing, then there will be a story about it next time.

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