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My Experience Of Growing Tomatoes In A Greenhouse
My Experience Of Growing Tomatoes In A Greenhouse

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growing tomatoes
growing tomatoes

Tomato Currency bent under the weight of ripening tomatoes

We have recently had a dacha - only four years, but we already have the first successes. I want to share with my readers my experience of growing tomatoes - my favorite crop.

We cover the greenhouse (tunnel "Tomato") with a foil in mid-April, still in the snow, on the ends - a spanbond SUF 40. The height of the beds is 40 cm.

As soon as the snow melts inside the greenhouse, we slightly loosen the ground and sow any "fast" siderat - rape, olive radish, etc. - and close the SUF 17 spunbond directly on the ground. By the time the seedlings are planted, a powerful carpet of greenery 20-30 cm high grows in the beds.

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growing lilies
growing lilies

The first experience of growing lilies

I make holes for planting tomatoes with a garden drill with sharpened edges. At the same time, I try not to destroy the green carpet. I leave it for two weeks along with the planted tomatoes - it protects the plants very well from frost. I always plant seedlings only vertically, slightly deepening so that a hole remains at the planting site - I will add soil there later.

Two weeks later, when the seedlings have taken root, and the threat of frost has passed, I mow the siderates with a flat cutter and immediately leave them, slightly embedded in the soil - excellent mulch and nutrition, by the end of the season practically nothing remains of them.

Once the plants have taken root, I begin to gradually remove the leaves from below, so that when the first brush is fully formed, not a single leaf remains under it. Be sure to install supports in a timely manner and tie tomatoes to them.

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growing tomatoes
growing tomatoes

The Siberian early ripening tomato has grown weighty fruits

The scourge of our edges is late blight. Once the plants are sick, there is little that can be done. The only salvation is prevention. During the entire growing season, starting from the moment when the seedlings have taken root, I spray the plants with the biological preparation Extrasol - every two weeks.

In addition to the protective function, the drug also has a stimulating effect. The result is strong and healthy plants for the rest of the season. Spraying with Extrasol alternates with top dressing with infusion of bread crusts, diluted 1:10. I don't feed the tomatoes anymore. And I'm not complaining about the harvest. The last tomatoes were picked last year on September 14th.

growing tomatoes
growing tomatoes

In a thicket of tomato Garden pearl

I prefer to grow mainly varieties on my site, because you can then get your seeds from them. It is not the first year that the Kaspar F1 hybrid, Siberian precocious, Currency and Garden pearl varieties have been delighting with stable yields. The last of those named last year grew of unprecedented size, but I want to say right away that I sowed it with seeds three years ago. I think that this played an important role.

If my experience is useful to someone, I will be very glad. In general, the dacha is such happiness! All my childhood I dreamed of my own little piece of land, growing tomatoes on the windowsill. Finally, my dream has come true.

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