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How To Get A Rich Harvest Of Delicious Cucumbers
How To Get A Rich Harvest Of Delicious Cucumbers

Video: How To Get A Rich Harvest Of Delicious Cucumbers

Video: How To Get A Rich Harvest Of Delicious Cucumbers
Video: Chinese farmers reap rich harvest - Picking and eating amazing fruits on farm ▶ 3 - Tik Tok China 2023, March

Cucumber secrets


Cucumbers are always great if you provide them with proper care. After all, they, like any culture, have their own requirements for agricultural technology, their own secrets. Some of them will be discussed.

A hardened young plant, when it grows, needs a pinch of the main stem over 4-5 leaves. Simply put, you need to cut off the tops of the plant, after which the side shoots will begin to grow vigorously, on which flowers with a female type of flowering abundantly develop. As practice has shown, the best results are shown by those plants that are tied up and grow up, for which stakes, nets, trellises are used.

Very often, cucumber plants that spread their whips on the ground are susceptible to powdery mildew disease. Its sign is gray oily spots on cucumber leaves. This disease causes the planting of cucumbers to wither in a short time. Therefore, at the initial stage of development of cucumber plants, do not be too lazy to spray their leaves with milk whey. Repeat such preventive spraying every 7-10 days, then the foliage on the cucumber plants will remain healthy, and the greenery will be poured to your delight.

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A lot of watering and a warm shower are also beneficial for cucumbers. But do not forget that cold water is contraindicated for these thermophilic plants.


Cucumbers grow well if they are fed with organic fertilizers (rotted manure, droppings). The best option is to infuse manure in a barrel or bucket at a concentration of 1 kg of manure per 3 liters of water. After a week, add 0.5 liters of this infusion to a bucket of water and feed the plants. If you get on the leaves with this solution, wash it off with water, otherwise they may get burned.

The choice of seeds for sowing must also be approached responsibly. If you grow cucumbers in a greenhouse, and bees do not fly there, then you need to plant parthenacarpic hybrids (self-pollinating). For example, a representative of this class called Eunicius F1 has an excellent harvest. This is an early ripening variety, you will receive the first fruits 40 days after germination. In each node it has 5-6 fruits 8-11 cm long. The variety is striking with the intensity of fruiting, cucumbers are good for canning.

For open ground, it is better to choose bee-pollinated hybrids, which in their taste are superior to self-pollinated hybrids. These are hybrids - Washington F1 and Sarvil F1. The first variety has practically only female flowers; it forms a huge number of beautiful and tasty gherkins. Cucumbers without voids and slowly outgrow. They are good for fresh consumption and canning.

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The Sarvil variety also grows and bears fruit abundantly. Cucumbers taste excellent, they look very nice in a jar. This variety is unpretentious, it easily adapts to any weather conditions. Over-yielding.

But if you are growing bee-pollinated hybrids, do not forget to plant pollinating varieties with male flowers nearby. The usual early varieties are best suited for this. These include the Russian varieties Chudo-Yudo, Feodul, Nil. On such plants, the first wave of flowering occurs only on male flowers, and then, after pinching the main stem, the female half also blooms.

Igor Kostenko, experienced gardener

Photo by Olga Rubtsova

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