Growing Cucumbers In Buckets
Growing Cucumbers In Buckets

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Video: Container Gardening How to grow cucumbers in a 5 Gallon Bucket 2023, February
growing cucumbers
growing cucumbers

Our gardening "Sport" is located in the village of Myaglovo, which is on the 11th kilometer of the Rzhevka-Mga railway. As in any other gardening, people share experiences, seedlings, seeds with each other.

Last year, for example, on the advice of my neighbor-friend Lyubov Vlasova, I grew cucumbers using a new technology. She has been growing cucumbers this way for several years and is very happy with this method.

And this technology is like that. I took the old buckets and installed long enough support sticks in the middle. In each bucket I planted three or four bushes of cucumbers, the Kustovoy variety, and covered them with foil. When the bushes rose, she tied them to the supports and covered them with foil. Further, as the lashes grow and when warm weather is established, the film can be removed.

Advantages of the method: you can transfer buckets of cucumbers to any lighted and warm place, it is convenient to water. You can use cucumber lashes in the interior design of the site. And the harvest even in the rainy summer of 2003 was worthy.

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growing cucumbers
growing cucumbers

I really love flowers, I have a lot of annual and perennial flowers on my site. Last season, Climbing roses, Fireside were the queen of all flowers. She, of course, requires a lot of care, but the beauty and joy from her are so great that they more than cover all the costs of labor.

And in the garden, the main curiosity was the Finnish gooseberry. He gave such a crop that the branches bent to the ground. All the neighbors came to marvel, there were enough berries for everyone.

On the site, I have a small recreation area, it is fenced off by a green wall of hops, clematis, nasturtium. Here you can relax, sit with friends, guests. And the veranda is my favorite place. Tomatoes taken from the greenhouse are ripened on its sunny windowsills. It's cozy there in bad weather.

The greatest asset of our gardening is my neighbors, people of extraordinary kindness, cordiality, and hard work.

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