Outlandish Types And Varieties Of Cucumbers
Outlandish Types And Varieties Of Cucumbers

Video: Outlandish Types And Varieties Of Cucumbers

Video: Outlandish Types And Varieties Of Cucumbers
growing cucumbers
growing cucumbers

Long cucumbers

Several years ago, Chinese long-fruited cucumbers appeared in my vegetable collection. This is not the name of the variety, but their actual origin - they come from the Middle Kingdom. This is a special type of cucumber, unlike its counterparts, its fruits, depending on the variety, reach a length of 40 to 80 cm, there are also longer.

At the same time, they do not coarse, have a black-green color, strong pimples, but a delicate skin and excellent taste and aroma.

The flesh of these cucumbers is dense, sweet, tender, the seeds are small, occupying a narrow chamber in the center. The surface of the fruit is slightly ribbed, with large or small tubercles (depending on the variety). In recent years, I have already tested several varieties: Chinese snakes, Kui Ming, Lifent Senyus, Lu-Yu-I-Hao, Xindyai, Ii Jinn, Lio-Ming, Tsun-Gzhen-Bao, Star in the hands of the East. More recently, our Russian varieties of this type of cucumber have appeared - Emerald Stream, Boa and others.

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Having tasted Chinese cucumbers for the first time, I was surprised myself and surprised my friends with how fragrant they are: you cut a cucumber and the aroma of watermelon spreads around the room. This type of cucumber gives the best and plentiful harvest in a greenhouse, since they are parthenocarpic, that is, all female flowers are tied, but at the same time they can be well pollinated with other varieties if they grow nearby. They bear fruit in bunches - two fruits side by side.

On good soil, and I fill it equally abundantly: fresh manure mixed with straw and leaves at the bottom, humus at the top, so I don't use any more fertilizing - they delight us until the New Year. From the moment of emergence of seedlings and until the collection of the first greens, 25-35 days pass. You can also grow them in the open field, having previously prepared a bed for this: dig a trench 50-60 cm deep, fill it with fresh manure and humus, install supports - without them, cucumbers can form ugly fruits, because they like to hang.

We widely use long-fruited cucumbers: we cut them into salads and vinaigrette, one fruit is enough for a salad for 4-6 people. When the first "appetite" comes, you can start preparing supplies for the winter. We use these cucumbers in a variety of assorted salads, and we can also pre-cut cylindrical pieces in jars, they taste no worse than gherkins.

Chinese cucumbers form a long stem, as a result, they reach a height of up to 3.5 m, and they have very few side shoots and they are short, so these cucumbers can be grown more thickened than ordinary varieties. There are few seeds in their fruits, therefore, in order to stock up on seeds, you have to leave more testes than usual. For seed purposes, additional plants have to be planted, this is a kind of emergency reserve, so as not to be left without the seeds of these delicious cucumbers.

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In addition to Chinese cucumbers, we have been growing Armenian cucumber (snake cucumber) for several years, which is native to Central Asia. His plant is powerful, up to three meters high, the leaves are large, like those of melons, light green. Fruits up to 50 cm long with a curved neck, sometimes straight and thick, ribbed, the color of the peel is white, the flesh is dense, juicy, tasty and aromatic, without bitterness. In addition, these cucumbers are very fruitful and medicinal. Another interesting variety is Watermelon (Tortorello) - the Italian miracle cucumber. This variety is late-ripening, has an exotic appearance, it is 40-45 cm long with a pronounced ribbing of the fruits of a light salad color, the taste of a cucumber like a watermelon is sweet, fragrant, it is very good in salads.

And the Surprise variety will delight you with a unique combination of melon sweetness and aromatic pulp, it has a delicate cucumber peel texture. The plant is powerful, long-leaved, many-branched. Five plants are enough to provide a family of 5-6 people with cucumbers. Cucumbers up to 45 cm long with light lettuce peel, the optimal size for use is 18-20 cm. The Barizze variety is also of Italian selection, it will delight you with dark green long fruits with pronounced ribbing. The plant is also powerful, long-leaved and multi-branched, when fully ripe, the fruits become orange-yellow, they have a melon aroma and taste.

Interesting and high-yielding varieties of American selection with small fruits, Little Leaf and Little Loof gherkins. The plants of these varieties are long-leaved, but with small leaves, it is easy to harvest, the cucumbers are all in sight, as if they themselves say: here I am, pick me up. The harvest will also please with varieties with unusual fruits - Snow White, Bidigo-Lungo, Italian white, Bride, Snow leopard (white fruits); Lamon, Micron, Cucumber-Zucchini, Crystal Apple, San-Whistle - they have an unusual type of greenery.

I will send a catalog for ordering seeds to everyone who wants to grow interesting types of cucumbers of the varieties listed above, as well as other interesting garden plants. I'm waiting for an envelope with o / a + 1 clean. Write; 353715, Krasnodar Territory, Kanevskaya district, st. Chelbasskaya, st. Kommunarov, 6 - Brizhan Valery Ivanovich.