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Film For Greenhouses "Svetlitsa" And Mulching - "Chernomor"
Film For Greenhouses "Svetlitsa" And Mulching - "Chernomor"

Video: Film For Greenhouses "Svetlitsa" And Mulching - "Chernomor"

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Film for greenhouses Svetlitsa =
Film for greenhouses Svetlitsa =

Perennial copolymer high-strength greenhouse film SVETLITSA ™

film for greenhouses Svetlitsa
film for greenhouses Svetlitsa

Last summer was unusually rainy and cold. The sun peeped out from behind the gloomy clouds and hid behind them again. Like a year ago, I sowed cucumbers in arc greenhouses and covered them with "Svetlitsa" - "Greenhouse" film. She has saved my crops more than once. So it happened this summer.

… At first, everyone waited a long time for the first sown cucumber seeds to sprout. Then - the appearance of the first true leaves. It seemed that now everything will be fine! However, the weather did not improve, and the plants seemed to be frozen, but the neighbors had it all …

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My 8 sown seeds of the Kollet variety quickly rose, gave real leaves, and then began to grow by leaps and bounds. At some point, I thought that I had planted too few plants for one greenhouse, but I was worried in vain. On five square meters, 8 healthy and strong plants grew, which rewarded me with a good harvest of cucumbers. Do you think I was rewarded for my work? Not at all. I didn't even bother to make a warm bed and improve the soil!

Film saved my crop! And not one, but two! "Svetlitsa" - "Greenhouse"(yellow), which, due to its elasticity, lay softly on the arches, without requiring a trellis. The wind did not tear it off, but only slightly raised it, airing the plants in the greenhouse and allowing insects to fly in and hide in them at night, since the air temperature under this film is several degrees higher than under normal. The flowers did not get wet, and the ovaries did not rot.

On the ground there was also a film "Svetlitsa", but not "Greenhouse" (yellow), but black mulching, and it was called "Chernomor". This is a thinner film, but very strong, elastic and does not tear at all (it is even difficult to cut holes for plants in it), but it perfectly played the role of mulch. There were no weeds in the greenhouse, the soil was warm and moist, but not waterlogged.

film for greenhouses Svetlitsa
film for greenhouses Svetlitsa

Now, when I open another jar of gherkins, I remember the summer, and it doesn’t seem so bad to me as it really was. And again I think about the coming spring, crops and, of course, about the film. After all, thanks to her, I did not lose my harvest of cucumbers. This means that we need to install a second greenhouse, buy films again, and not only "Svetlitsa" - "Greenhouse", but also "Svetlitsa" - "Chernomor" and grow tomatoes or peppers in it. "Chernomor" is also useful for mulching strawberry beds. I'm sure I won't be left without a crop!

"What about the tapes at the end of the season?" - you ask. Everything is very simple! Even if you do not put them away for the winter and they remain on the ground, nothing will happen to them. Films withstand frost of -80 degrees, and at the same time they serve: "Chernomor" - at least five years, and "Teplichnaya" - at least seven years. Now decide - which is better, easier and more profitable!

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