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What To Do With The Onion Crop
What To Do With The Onion Crop

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Onion subtleties


We take seeds for planting onions (nigella) from a good, large plant. We plant them in the spring in fertile soil fertilized with rotted manure. We water very moderately: onions do not like water. We carefully dig out the sets obtained from nigella in the fall, dry it, and having already planted it in the spring, next fall we get a weighty, high-quality onion from it.

Having dug a turnip onion, we are in no hurry to take it home. First, dry well. For these purposes, I use wooden boxes from overseas fruits, they are small in size and very convenient for drying onions. I come to the dacha - I put them on the street. I go home - I bring it under the roof again.

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When the bulbs are very dry, I tie them into a braid. It is stored perfectly. And I pickle small onions. I do it like this. I dip them in boiling water for 2-3 minutes, then cool them quickly. I clean it from the husk, neck, root lobe, put it in jars, keep it in salted water for several minutes. Then I drain this water and pour in a boiling marinade (0.5 liters of water, 0.5 liters of 9% vinegar, two tablespoons of salt.). Sugar, like spices - cinnamon, cloves, allspice, red pepper, bay leaf ў everyone can put to his liking, as he likes, who is used to it. The resulting pickled onions are softer, juicier, less pungent than fresh ones. And you can use it in different ways. For example, it is good for vinaigrette, salads, side dishes.

Marinating onions is very convenient and beneficial. If you suddenly notice that your bow for some reason began to deteriorate, then do not risk it, because it can disappear completely, but just pickle it.

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I also use onion husks. I spray the broth with strawberries and other plants, and use dry husks to prepare sprat from ordinary sprat according to my own recipe. They are almost indistinguishable from a real, factory product.

At the dacha, I also constantly cook barbecue according to my recipe, a lot of onions also go into it. All who were treated say: they have never tasted better. This kebab is cooked on good coals for no more than two minutes. One of his secrets - I definitely add cognac to the marinade, which, by the way, I can also make myself from any kind of drinking alcohol or vodka - is impossible to tell.

There is also an excellent recipe for fish cakes or sprat meatballs. It is very convenient to take such an appetizer as sprats and cutlets to the country, cheap, quick and very tasty, and barbecue will save you from the painful preparation of lunch or dinner, a very big time saving. Of course, drinking a lot of cognac in the country is not worth it - after all, you need to work there, but for appetite and mood you can a little, especially with such a snack. Everyone we treated to, demand recipes and then do everything like us, and are very happy.

I will sell my original recipes to everyone who wants to, I have other very good recipes, which I myself checked and "brought to mind". By the way, it is better to cook shashlik on wood from fruit plants. After pruning any fruit crops, I collect the cut branches and trunks, dry them and then cook barbecue on them.

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