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Growing Green Onions Indoors
Growing Green Onions Indoors

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A bed of onions on the windowsill

green onions
green onions

Onions, as well as chives, batun and other types of onions, can be used for growing indoors for greens in winter, during a period of acute deficiency of vitamins and other biologically active substances.

Forcing onions can be successfully carried out using all known methods of growing green plants. Usually, this is done using the soil left after the cultivation of other cultivated plants. You can grow green onions hydroponically, using sand, sawdust, expanded clay, etc. as a substrate.

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To ensure a green conveyor, i.e. a gradual and constant supply of juicy vitamins to the table, planting the bulbs in pots or boxes must be carried out in stages, with an interval of 2-3 weeks. For planting, you can use bulbs germinating in the winter-spring period. For forcing onions on a leaf, it is better to use onion picks - small bulbs 3-4 cm in size. Forcing begins in October and takes almost the entire winter-spring period.

In order for the onion to take root faster and begin to grow back, it must be cut by the shoulders before planting. The bulbs are planted in boxes in a bridge way - tightly to each other and watered abundantly with warm water. The bulbs should not be deeply buried. It is impossible to compact the soil under them, since in the future, growing, the bulbs will rise on the roots.

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When choosing a variety for forcing, it is necessary to take into account the dormant period of bulbs of different varieties. Southern varieties, as a rule, are less maturing and begin to grow back 2-3 months after harvest. Varieties of the central part of Russia: Arzamassky, Bessonovsky, Pogarsky, Rostovsky, Spassky, etc. - have a longer dormant period - 5-9 months, and local northern varieties can be stored without germinating until the next harvest.

After rooting of the bulbs and regrowth of leaves, you can feed the plants with ammonium nitrate or urea at the rate of 5 g / l of water. After feeding, the plants should be thoroughly watered with clean water from a watering can with a fine strainer.

Forcing green onions can be considered complete after the leaves reach a length of 20-30 cm. With this method of growing green onions in winter, there is practically no increase in yield. The appearance and growth of green leaves is due to the nutrients that are present in the bulbs.

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