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Growing Leek And Cabbage Seedlings
Growing Leek And Cabbage Seedlings

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Video: Growing Leeks from Sowing to Harvest 2023, February

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Growing leek seedlings

leek seedlings
leek seedlings

Requires a long term for growing seedlings - 50-65 days, depending on the early maturity of the variety. Since leeks are a cold-resistant culture, seedlings can be planted in open ground quite early, in the first half of May, after hardening.

The term for sowing seeds for seedlings falls on the first half of March. You can sow earlier, but in March the plants get more light, and leeks just require a high light intensity and a long day, otherwise they grow poorly. Of course, if it is possible to give it artificial illumination, then it should be planted earlier, even at the beginning of February. Then the harvest will be earlier and more.

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For sowing, half-liter boxes of dairy products with a depth of 8-10 cm are suitable. Before sowing, the seeds must be soaked in warm water for a day, then dried to a loose state. Sow according to the scheme 1x1 cm to a depth of 0.5 cm. You can sow with hatched seeds, this will speed up the emergence of seedlings by 5 - 7 days. Cover crops with foil. Until the emergence of seedlings, keep crops in a warm place - 20-22 ° C. At higher temperatures, seedlings appear unevenly, stretching for a long time. In the future, the seedlings grow well at room temperature. Seedlings look like needles, on the ends of which black caps of seed coat are put on, which the seedlings do not shed. Before planting in the ground, the seedlings can be fed twice with full mineral fertilizer. Loves watering, but in moderation.

In the same way, seedlings are grown to obtain turnip onions from nigella in one year. You can sow 7-10 days later than leeks.

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Growing cabbage seedlings

cabbage seedlings
cabbage seedlings

Full-fledged seedlings of early and late white cabbage, Brussels sprouts, early Savoy, red cabbage can be grown in 45-50 days; mid-ripening white cabbage, late-ripening Savoyard - 35-40 days. Seedling is considered ready when 4-5 leaves are formed on it. The term for sowing seeds for this is the second half of March.

The difficulty of growing cabbage seedlings at home is that it is practically very difficult to withstand the temperature and light conditions corresponding to it, in which normal strong seedlings will grow. At the slightest violation of this regime, the seedlings are drawn out, but so quickly and strongly that it is not always possible to save it. Even if the windows face south, not enough light passes through the dusty double glass (for cabbage), but the thermal rays of the sun, together with the steam heating actively working in spring, heat up its growth beyond measure.

Therefore, if you do not have a balcony or loggia, there is no point in sowing cabbage for seedlings in urban conditions in March. In this case, you can sow in the first week of April. When shoots appear, the temperature must be reduced to 6-8 ° C in any possible way, for example, by opening the window and separating the planting from the room with a film. At night, sometimes you have to put the seedlings in the refrigerator - and so on until the first true leaf appears. You can sow seeds for seedlings and in mid-April in a film greenhouse. Then the early harvest will be ready a little later, and the late-ripening varieties will have smaller heads.

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