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Ultra-ripe Tomato Varieties
Ultra-ripe Tomato Varieties

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Ultra-ripe tomato varieties
Ultra-ripe tomato varieties

The main part of the territory of Russia is located in the zone of risky farming. And it is no coincidence that in the West our country is figuratively called the country of "green tomatoes". But it is time to revise this established stereotype, although our climate is really harsh.

A short summer, a sharp contrast between day and night temperatures, abundant dew at the end of summer, the ubiquitous late blight - all this seriously examines gardeners. In a short period of time allotted by nature, it is necessary to have time to grow a lot of vegetable products, and not only for fresh consumption, but also to make preparations for future use.

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Thanks to the achievements of domestic breeding, new ultra-early ripening varieties of tomatoes have appeared in the arsenal of gardeners, the full return of the harvest of which is possible by mid-August, that is, they escape from the defeat of late blight. These varieties are resistant to stressful situations, exhibit the ability to set fruit under the most unfavorable weather conditions, and are resistant to low temperatures. Attracts in these varieties and unpretentiousness in care: they are short, compact, do not require a garter and pinching.

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And with a sudden threat of frost, it is easy to cover the low bushes with a film. They take up little space and are ideal for growing in small areas. And due to the compacted planting, they are not inferior in yield (and sometimes even surpass) the traditional varieties of tall tomatoes. Given the early maturity, these varieties can be grown in a seedless way: sow seeds directly on the beds or in greenhouses. For clarity, I will give the characteristics of some varieties.

Ultra-ripe tomato varieties
Ultra-ripe tomato varieties

Alaska. Early maturing, undersized variety. Its distinctive feature is one hundred percent fruit set, even in adverse weather conditions. Fruit weight up to 90 g. This is the most productive variety from the named group of tomatoes.

Far North. An ultra-early ripening variety with a harmonious yield. The height of the bushes is only 30-40 cm, the weight of the fruits is up to 80 g.

Snowdrop. Very early, unusually cold-resistant variety. Does not require long-term cultivation of seedlings on windowsills. Seeds can be sown directly in an unheated greenhouse on April 15-20 or in a greenhouse filled with manure on April 20-25. Fruit weight up to 150 g.

Polar early maturing. Ultra-early maturing, undersized (height 30 cm) variety. Fruits weighing up to 150 g are good for making tomato juice, tomato paste and salting.

Rose of Wind. Unique ultra-early maturing undersized (35-45 cm high) variety. Fruits of pink color weighing up to 130 g.

Bullfinch. Super early ripening undersized variety. Fruits weighing up to 150 g are resistant to cracking.

Snowy tale. Ultra-early ripening, high-yielding undersized variety. It has an interesting feature: at the stage of technical ripeness, the fruits have a milky white color, then turn red. In the middle of summer, the plant looks very beautiful: a neat standard bush with dark green foliage is hung with round white, orange and red fruits weighing up to 200 g.

Ultra-ripe tomato varieties
Ultra-ripe tomato varieties

Sub-Arctic. Champion in early maturity. The height of the bush is up to 55 cm. Fruits weighing 45-50 g, tasty, with a high content of vitamins and biologically active substances.

Taimyr. Ultra early ripening variety. Mass fruit setting takes place from 4-5 July, mass ripening occurs from 6-8 August. The plant is standard, compact, 25-30 cm high. Fruits weighing 80-100 g. The peculiarity of the variety is its increased resistance to low temperatures. It has the ability to grow and bear fruit even when the bush freezes during the spring frosts. Sowing seeds - not earlier than the second half of April. Planting thickened: up to 15 plants per square meter.

Yamal. The most promising ultra-early maturing low-growing (30-40 cm high) variety. Differs in a very friendly return of the harvest - in the first decade of fruiting, up to 40% of the fruits of the total harvest ripen. Fruits weighing up to 180 g with a high content of sugars and vitamins.

Growing early varieties of tomatoes is a guarantee of a harvest on your site. And in the southern regions, these varieties can be grown for an early harvest of tomatoes

Valery Popenko, experienced gardener

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