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How To Heat A Greenhouse With Tomatoes At Night At No Cost
How To Heat A Greenhouse With Tomatoes At Night At No Cost

Video: How To Heat A Greenhouse With Tomatoes At Night At No Cost

Video: How To Heat A Greenhouse With Tomatoes At Night At No Cost
Video: Sean's Allotment Garden 160: How to heat your greenhouse, the easy and cheap way 2023, March

Daytime heat heats the greenhouse at night

Greenhouse tomatoes
Greenhouse tomatoes

On our site, readers often discuss articles and topics that interest them and, what is important, sometimes share their experiences. For example, the reader Sergei responded to Valery Svistunov's article "Apricot and Peach in Risky Agriculture Areas", in which it was discussed that it is quite possible to try to promote southern crops to more northern regions. Here's what he writes:

“The Leningrad Region is sometimes called the land of evergreen tomatoes. Until recently, I thought so too. However, having visited the island of Valaam and learned that local monks grew watermelons there, and their apples received medals at European fairs, I was very surprised.

Became interested: how can watermelons grow in northern latitudes? They explained to me that this is due to the heating of granite by the sun during the day, and there is a lot of it on the island. At night, granite heats the plants with its residual heat.

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And when my tomatoes did not want to blush even in the greenhouse, I remembered the monks. I decided to bring granite stones to the greenhouse for heat accumulation. But either through work you become smarter, or maybe the monks suggested that holy H2O has more heat capacity. I took and hung bottles with water in the greenhouse. And, lo and behold! The temperature there, even at night, is 5-8 degrees higher than outside, and due to the excess heat, late blight does not attack my tomatoes. So they ripen to the very frost under the protection of holy water, which has created and sustains life on our sinful Earth!"

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From the Editor: we believe that this author's experience is very useful, especially in the case of the threat of recurrent frosts. Of course, in this case, it is worth filling the bottles with warm, or even better, hot water. It will give its warmth to plants longer. If the bottles are constantly hanging in the greenhouse, then during the day they will be heated by the sun, and at night (on cold nights) they will share their warmth with tomatoes or other plants.

Water bottles can also be used as long-lasting drinkers. They will be useful to you if you are at the dacha only on weekends. In dry hot weather, before leaving the cottage, you should water the soil around the plants well, and then press water bottles (1.5 and 2 liters) into the wet soil up to the shoulders. It is necessary that they stand with a slight slope from the plants.

While the soil is wet, they will not pour out, and as they dry out, they will begin to water the root system of plants - tomatoes or cucumbers.

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