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Long-term Seasonal Calendar For Gardeners
Long-term Seasonal Calendar For Gardeners

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Seasonal work calendar for all latitudes from North to South for all times of the 21st century

Calendar cover
Calendar cover

We have released a seasonal calendar for gardeners, in which we have scheduled all gardening work for you by months using ONLY ecological organic fertilizers and plant protection products.

For a long time we nurtured the idea of ​​this calendar … The inspiration was the amateur gardener Y.S. Shcherbinin, who helps us in the creation of the Gardener's Library. We wanted to make the calendar user-friendly, so that it is really useful.

We tried very hard and we succeeded. The compilation was attended by - Honored Agronomist of Russia Kornilov V.I., biologists and plant protection specialists with many years of experience Chistyakova E.I. and Ermolaeva I.L. In the calendar, they described work for all 12 months and for a variety of crops - tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, pumpkin seeds, cabbage, strawberries, fruit, berry bushes, potatoes, green, spicy and flavoring, etc. Use the calendar for health, grow environmentally friendly products!

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Introducing the Gardener Calendar

This Calendar was created for all latitudes of Russia, but in relation to the middle lane.

Principles of construction and use of the calendar:

1) the timing of sowing, planting and other activities for the middle zone (Moscow, Ufa, Chelyabinsk …);

2) time deviations are set for your specific region;

3) the terms are specified according to the terms "Cold" and "Heat" for all latitudes.

The approximate sowing and planting times for your region are shown in the following table:

Perm, Yekaterinburg …
Moscow, Ufa, Chelyabinsk … (middle lane)
Voronezh, Saratov …
Rostov, Krasnodar …

Explanations to the table:

The term "COLD" is determined by the temperature and moisture content of the soil:

• The soil at a depth of 8 cm should warm up to + 8 ° C during the day (+ 5 ° C when treating seeds and seedlings with preparations of the Gumi, KorneSil, Borogum-M series);

• The soil must be physically ripe, ie. not too wet or too dry. Soil check: take a handful of soil in your hand, squeeze it into a lump and throw it from a height of 1 meter. If a lump forms and falls apart after a fall, then the soil is physically ripe. If the lump has not fallen apart, the soil should dry out. If a lump does not form in the hand, but crumbles, then the soil is dry.

An indirect sign of the term "COLD": in the middle lane, birch leaves bloom.

Do not sow or plant in mud! The seeds and roots will suffocate without air and rot or the plants will ache.

Term "WARM" is the end time of spring frosts.

An indirect sign of the term "WARM": starling chicks look out of the nesting boxes, the last viburnum fades, swallows return from the south.

During this period, it is necessary to listen to weather reports, follow the warnings of late frosts.

List of concepts and abbreviations:

- Biological solution of OZhZ No. 1 (2 drops of Gumi + 10 drops of Fitosporin-M, or 10 drops of Fitosporin-M Seedlings, vegetables, berries, fruits per glass of water).

- Biological solution of OZhZ No. 2 (1 tablespoon of fertilizer Rich House for 1 liter of water for 10 plants).

- Preparation of soil according to the Kornilov method:

Pour the soil into a basin, slowly spraying it with a biological solution of OZhZ No. 1, at the same time stir intensively, loosen the soil with your hands until the earth crumples in your hand, but is not smeared yet. The soil becomes lush and fertile, saturated with air, moisture, beneficial microflora and necessary humic substances.

- If the soil was too wet (clumped in the hand), it should be scattered with a layer of 2-3 cm and dried at room conditions, and then mixed and sprayed with a biological solution OZhZ No. 1.

- If the soil is too acidic, you should use the drug Lime-Gumi for deoxidation - a tablespoon per 5 liters of soil.

- Check the irrigation water for excessive hardness using indicator strips attached to the PhytoKislinka bottle; 1 teaspoon of PhytoAcid per 1 liter of irrigation water reduces acidity (pH) by 1 unit.

"Working with Nature, not against it"

Scientific and technological support of agriculture

- Biotechnological laboratory OZhZ

- Agrotechnical laboratory OZhZ

- Physiological laboratory OZhZ

- Department of environmental development "NVP" BashInkom"

- Agricultural department" NVP "BashInkom"

Natural preparations and technological methods of Organic Live Farming for fields, orchards and orchards, greenhouses - big harvests, environmentally friendly, delicious berries and fruits on the tables of your families.

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