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Fertilizers Of The Gumi Series Based On Humates To Improve Soil Fertility
Fertilizers Of The Gumi Series Based On Humates To Improve Soil Fertility

Video: Fertilizers Of The Gumi Series Based On Humates To Improve Soil Fertility

Video: Fertilizers Of The Gumi Series Based On Humates To Improve Soil Fertility
Video: The Best Kept Secret In The Fertilizer Industry? - Green Earth Agriculture Liquid Humates 2023, March

Gumi - soil fertility vaccine

Gumi Olympic
Gumi Olympic

Every year we take out nutrients from the soil with the harvest, and if you do not regularly apply them with fertilizers, the yield will steadily fall. In addition, the soil will begin to lose humus - the basis of fertility, consisting of humates, truly magical molecules. Under natural conditions, soil is capable of replenishing the loss of humus, but this takes tens and hundreds of years. The introduction of organic matter - manure, sapropel, straw, plowing of green manure - accelerates this process up to several years. The basis of the Gumi preparation is ready-made humates obtained from natural brown coal. Thanks to a special manufacturing technology, humate molecules in this preparation are obtained with a very high biological activity, which favorably distinguishes them from humates from other manufacturers.

Humates are familiar to plants and microbes for millions of years of life together and evolution, so they have become familiar to each other, recognizable. The presence of humus indicates how alive the soil is. The more humus, the better the water, air and thermal regimes of the fertile layer of the earth, the more saturated this layer with the main nutrients, the more actively the process of creating living from non-living is going on in it. Due to the unique properties of humate molecules, the plant reacts in an amazing way to the introduction of Gumi preparations.

Conservation of humus is the most important task of the farming system. At present, the process of destruction of humus continues in the soils of Russia, and chernozems have lost about half of their humus over the past 50 years. The reasons for the decrease in the supply of humus are erosion, in which the upper layer, richest in humus, is washed off (or blown away) from the soil, and dehumification, which is activated during deep moldboard tillage and when high doses of mineral nitrogen fertilizers are applied.

Gumi Kuznetsova
Gumi Kuznetsova

What Gumi fertilizers can do:

- acts on plants like plant hormones: the emergence of seedlings is accelerated for 3-4 days, the growth of roots and aboveground mass increases, root formation increases, the plant blooms earlier and begins to bear fruit, the fruiting period is lengthened, the yield increases significantly; the content of vitamins, sugars and other useful substances increases;

- combines various minerals and other soil components, thereby improving its structure, the soil becomes porous, retains air and moisture better, plant roots grow better in such soil;

- binds residues of heavy metals, pesticides and radioactive substances of the soil and transforms them into an insoluble state, as well as in plants bind pollutants and remove them from the plant through the roots;

- binds soil nutrients (N, P, K, trace elements) and together with them easily passes through the cell wall of the plant, which makes it possible to reduce the dose of fertilizers by 20 - 30%;

- increases the number of beneficial microbes in the soil, which make available undissolved nutrients in the soil, which also allows you to reduce the dose of fertilizers and reduce the content of nitrates in plants;

- stimulates the formation of substances inside the plant that help plants withstand frosts, droughts, insect damage, fight diseases and increase the safety of products;

- stimulates the formation of aromatic substances, improves taste, aroma, color of the crop.

Gumi Elixir of Fertility
Gumi Elixir of Fertility

What are Gumi?

For convenience, for different occasions, Gumi is available in different forms: in the form of paste, powder and liquid. All types of Gumi are equally effective and, if the instructions are followed, they can get a rich harvest of unsurpassed quality.

All types of Gumi can be stored for 4 years without losing their activity.

Gumi-20 Universal

It is presented in the format of 125, 200 and 500 ml, contains 20% of highly active humates, completely dissolved in water. This makes it easier to prepare a working solution for treatments.

Gumi-30 Station Wagon and

Super Station Wagon

Instant are produced in the form of a paste with a 30% humate content in packages of 300 and 100 g, respectively. The paste is highly soluble in water, it is convenient to divide it into parts to prepare the required amount of working solution.

Gumi-90 For Vegetables, Berries, Fruits, Flowers and Ornamental Plants

It is produced in the form of a powder, packaged in bags of 6 g. Convenient to use with small processing volumes.

Gumi-K Olimpiyskiy, Potassium nano-gel is the

newest innovative preparation that combines the properties of Gumi and complex fertilizer. Enriched with all macro- and microelements necessary for plants in an easily accessible form, packaged in 300 g bags.


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