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Interesting Varieties Of Eggplant
Interesting Varieties Of Eggplant

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Video: A Visual Guide to 8 Glorious Varieties of Eggplant 2023, February

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Eggplant varieties


And now, briefly about the varieties of eggplant that we have grown and grow on our site:

Alekseevsky - medium early variety, cylindrical fruits of excellent taste, without bitterness, weighing 150-200 g, dark purple color, shiny. The variety is appreciated for the amicable ripening of fruits.

Diamond is one of the best mid-season varieties. A plant is formed with a height of 45-50 cm, a fruit weighing 100-160 g, cylindrical, dark purple, the flesh is dense, without bitterness.

Albatross is a mid-ripening variety (156-166 days), a plant with a height of 40-58 cm, a shortened pear-shaped fruit with a length of 9-14 cm, the color of a ripe fruit is brown-brown, the flesh is white, dense, without bitterness. Used for canning and home cooking. Fruit weight is 300-450 g, keeping quality and transportability are excellent.

Astrakhan - superranium (75-85 days). The plant is compact, low, 45-55 cm, with early and friendly branching, compact arrangement of fruits in the lower part. The calyx is without thorns. Fruit ripening is friendly. The fruit is cylindrical, in technical ripeness it is violet-white (purple bottom is white top), in biological ripeness it is violet-brown, excellent taste, 10-15 cm long, 4-8 cm in diameter, weighing 100-170 g. Yield up to 8 kg / m2 …

Banana - ultra-early ripening, forms a bush 40-55 cm high, fruits are dark purple, elongated-cylindrical, banana-shaped, milky white flesh, without bitterness.

Hippopotamus is a high-yielding, promising mid-season variety (100-110 days) with large fruits. For open and closed ground. The bush is powerful, compact. Fruits are oval-pear-shaped-round, 14-18 cm long, 8-11 cm in diameter, dark purple in color, weighing up to 500 g, and on average - 350 g. The pulp is yellowish-white, tender without bitterness. Productivity up to 5 kg per plant. Up to 8 fruits are poured at the same time.

White night - mid-season (up to 115 days), compact plant 60-75 cm, fruits are white, elongated pear-shaped, 17-25 cm long, 7-10 cm in diameter, weighing up to 280 g. The pulp is snow-white without bitterness. Possesses complex disease resistance. Useful for the elderly, lowers cholesterol levels, removes excess fluid from the body.

White egg - early ripe variety, bush up to 50 cm tall for open ground. Fruits are spherical-ovoid, 5-7 cm long, 9-10 cm in diameter. The variety forms many medium-sized fruits weighing 120-130 g with a white color, the flesh is greenish-white with a mushroom flavor.

Bourgeois is a high-yielding, large-fruited early-ripening variety (105-110 days). Forms a powerful bush 50-70 cm high. Fruits are large, flat-rounded with glossy black-purple skin and white pulp. The shape and size of the fruit makes it possible to prepare a dish from one eggplant for the whole family, since its weight reaches 500 grams! The taste is very high, there is no bitterness. Culinary dishes are distinguished by a special, delicate and moderately spicy taste, long-term fruiting.

Bull heart. Many gardeners know and love a tomato of the same variety. We hope that the eggplant with the same name will also live in your greenhouses for a long time. How can you not love him: large, rounded heart-shaped fruits look very beautiful on a bush.

The taste of mushrooms is a lilac-fruited mid-season variety, a bush up to 70 cm high, fruits weighing up to 250 g, white, cylindrical or slightly pear-shaped, milky white flesh, without bitterness, with a delicate mushroom aroma, thin skin.

Orient Express - it is not at all easy to find varieties of eggplants that can please gardeners with high yields every year in different climates. And this variety is just for you, it gives stable, high yields in any region, in any weather, and has an excellent taste. Its fruit does not need to be soaked when cooking. Very early (60-70 days), bush up to 40 cm high, compact. Fruits are black-violet, long, with delicate pulp, weighing up to 600 g. With harmonious harvest formation.

Little green. The green fruits of this variety and the Emerald hybrid not only have a mushroom taste and aroma, but are also very hardy. These eggplants are distinguished by rare cold and disease resistance. They perform well both in the south and in central Russia.

Gold - early, (105-110 days), bushes 50-60 cm high, fruits in technical ripeness are greenish-white, in biological ripeness they are lemon-colored the size of a chicken egg, flesh is white, tender, without bitterness, fruits weighing up to 90 g, look very decorative. A very interesting variety.

Sperm whale is an early ripe variety, a bush up to 150 cm high (in greenhouses up to 200 cm), erect. Fruits are large, weighing 500-700 g, low-seeded, purple, elongated-pear-shaped. The variety is intended for indoor cultivation.

Swan is a white-fruited mid-season variety, a bush 50-70 cm high, fruits 200-250 g, white, cylindrical to slightly pear-shaped, the flesh is milky white without bitterness with a delicate mushroom aroma, the skin is thin.

Sailor is a mid-season variety, a bush up to 60-75 cm high, fruits are 250-400 g oval-pear-shaped, they have no analogues in color - they are painted in a white-lilac strip, the pulp is white, without bitterness, the variety is resistant to disease.

Easter egg is a plant up to 30-40 cm high, compact, early ripening, ovate-elongated fruits, yellow-violet, when ripe - yellow, weighing 80-180 g. The variety has a high yield.

Pelican is a mid-season variety (115-120 days), intended for cultivation in film greenhouses and open field. The plant is medium-sized, fruits weighing 200-250 g, 15-18 cm long, 4-6 cm in diameter are saber-shaped, milky white, matte, white flesh, medium density, tender. Fruits with excellent taste, yield - 2.5-3.5 kg per bush.

Ping-pong is a mid-season (up to 115 days) variety, low-growing - up to 70 cm high for open ground. Fruits are spherical, 5-6 cm long, 4-6 cm in diameter. Forms many small fruits weighing 70-80 g of white color with a matte surface, their flesh is greenish-white with a piquant taste.

Prince - an early variety (95-104 days), a compact plant with a height of 60-75 cm, fruits are black-purple, cylindrical 20-30 cm long, 5-8 cm in diameter, weighing 150-200 g, the pulp is tender, white, tasty, without bitterness. Possesses complex disease resistance.

Solaris - early maturing, for growing in film shelters. Plant up to 1 m high, compact. Fruits weighing 170-200 g, purple, elongated pear-shaped, white, dense flesh.

Universal-6 is a mid-early variety (125-130 days), a compact plant, up to 90 cm high, a cylindrical fruit, medium-sized, purple in color weighing from 123 to 200 g, does not taste bitter.

Violet miracle is a high-yielding variety of medium ripeness (95-100 days), a compact, medium-sized plant. The fruit is cylindrical, slightly curved, of medium length, smooth, glossy, violet, weighing 100-350 g, the flesh is greenish, without bitterness. The variety is resistant to a complex of diseases.


Eggplant varieties Japanese red

Purple long - mid-season variety, compact plant 45-60 cm high, cylindrical fruits 14-18 cm long, dark purple in color, weighing 100-160 g.

The dandy is a novelty variety. Early maturing, decorative. In the open field, the bush is low 30-40 cm, in greenhouses up to 70-90 cm, fruits weighing 30-50 g, flat-rounded, red.

Nutcracker - early ripening (45 days from transplanting), high-yielding, unpretentious, fruits weighing from 250 g to 600 g, 12-14 cm long, round, in the form of a barrel, regular fruit formation in the upper part of the plant. Adapted for long-term storage and transportation. Suitable for all types of greenhouses and open ground, yield - 7-8 kg per bush.

We started growing this Japanese red eggplant more than three years ago. Since then, everyone who sees the fruits of this amazing variety cannot figure out that the fruits of eggplants are not tomatoes.

Choose varieties of eggplant of various colors, and surprise your loved ones and guests with bright colorful dishes from this healthy vegetable!

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