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Asparagus And Other Interesting Pea Varieties
Asparagus And Other Interesting Pea Varieties

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pea varieties Purple sugar
pea varieties Purple sugar

Pea varieties Purple sugar

Peas are one of the main leguminous crops in Russia. In fact, the life of Russians has long been associated with this plant. It seems that it is not at all accidental that the fairytale king was called Pea. And now this culture grows in almost every vegetable garden.

After all, not only children love tender peas in milky ripeness, but adults are not at all averse to eating them. The most delicious is sugar peas, which even have tender and sweet blades.

Today there are very good, fruitful varieties of both grain and sugar peas. And more recently, an unusual variety has appeared on sale - Purple Sugar. Instead of the usual green beans, it has purple beans on its plants.

Imagine: garden peas are growing, they have purple flowers that emit a delicate aroma - everything looks very decorative. If you haven't tried growing yet - plant it, you won't regret it! This is a climbing plant up to 150 cm high, it will delight you with its decorative and taste qualities. This variety is rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins. Blooms profusely in May - July with beautiful large purple fragrant flowers.

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Mid-season variety, from full germination to technical ripeness of peas 60-70 days. The bean is green-violet with a weak parchment layer up to 8 cm long. The bean contains nine purple seeds. In wax (technical ripeness) peas are sugar, brain, green, large.

The beans are used for fresh consumption, for making soups, side dishes, canning and freezing. Thanks to their unusual color, it is very convenient to harvest. Blue-violet beans (yes, the fruit of a pea is a bean, not a pod, as it is incorrectly called) peep out from under the green foliage, they are clearly visible on the bushes, and you do not need to look for them, straining your eyes. The beans have a strong waxy coating, which prevents excessive evaporation of water, so the peas of this variety are always juicy.

We also have other leguminous crops in our garden. A very interesting variety of peas with large wide beans - Russian size. Unprecedentedly large, not less than 1 cm in diameter, peas just ask - enjoy us! Delicate and sweet, they are unusually good fresh, suitable for freezing and canning.

Pea varieties Black chickpeas
Pea varieties Black chickpeas

Peas varieties Black chickpeas

Other interesting pea varieties can give a good harvest: Altai emerald, Giant, Delicatessen Summer, Children's joy, Calypso, Kelvedon miracle, Moscow delicacy, Oscar, Premium sugar, Sugar - 2, Amber.

And for gourmet culinary delights, there are no better grains of other legumes: chickpeas, nakhut, white and black ranks, purple tetragonolobus, or purple tetragon (asparagus peas - because they taste like asparagus). Dishes made from these types of legumes are very tasty and healthy.

Sowing them, like other varieties and types of peas, must be done very early, as soon as the soil is ripe. Seeds germinate at a temperature of + 1 … + 2 ° C; seedlings appear at + 4 … + 5 ° С, they are resistant to frosts down to -7 … -8 ° С. It is good to plant it along the main paths in the garden: then you can pluck the beans in passing, without letting the hoe out of your hands, and eat it right there, removing the thin fiber along the seam.

For hot meals and side dishes, you can boil the whole young beans in salted water for just one minute. Overexpose - and the beans will disintegrate into fragments, lose their brightness. Later, when the grains become up to one centimeter in diameter, I husk them out of the flaps and cook them like green peas for salads - I just boil them for one minute in salted boiling water. Then you need to use the peas right away - I put them in summer salads with cucumbers, broccoli cabbage, with rice and tomatoes. Productivity of beans in milk ripeness -0.6-1.5 kg / m².

We will send seeds of all varieties of sugar and other types of peas listed above, interesting varieties of beans, beans, cowpea, okra, chufa, peppers, tomatoes. Please do not forget to include a fully self-addressed stamped envelope when submitting your order. We will send the catalog free of charge.

Valery Brizhan, experienced gardener

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