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Useful Tips For The Upcoming Season
Useful Tips For The Upcoming Season

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Bow for the whole season

Bulb onions
Bulb onions

Perennial onions are mostly eaten before they bloom, until the leaves have hardened. When onions bloom, they spend all their strength on ripening the seeds.

In order for the leaves of perennial onions to be eaten throughout the warm season, it is imperative to remove the flower buds as soon as they appear.

Then the onion will constantly grow young and juicy leaves. Peduncles should also be removed from rhubarb, lovage, sorrel. Then their leaves can be eaten for much longer.

Gardener's guide

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Early chores

It is better to prepare beds for vegetables and root crops in early spring, as soon as the earth thaws. I fill the beds with compost, rotted manure, ash (always under carrots, beets, melons and gourds). I spill it with Baikal EM-1 solution and cover the bed with a black film so that the soil warms up faster before sowing the seeds. In such ridges, carrot and beet seeds can be sown at the end of April.

So that the seeds of carrots, beets, parsley, parsnips and other hard-to-grow crops sown in the spring in the garden grow faster, after sowing I water the ridge abundantly, then spill it with another solution of Baikal EM-1 and cover the garden with black film for several days. Under it, the soil will warm up faster, creating favorable conditions for seed germination, and the soil will not dry out. Weed seeds always sprout before the seeds of cultivated plants, and they will die under the black film.

A week later, I open the film every day and check the bed. If radishes are sown, then you need to check after three days. As soon as shoots appear, I remove the black film and close the bed with dense spunbond. I also cover the ridges in the greenhouse with a black film, when I plant there in early spring the seeds of radish, dill, spinach, onion sets for greens.

Spring and early summer in the Northwest are usually cold, especially at night. Therefore, in order to accelerate the growth and development of plants, all the ridges are covered with spunbond after the emergence of plants. I remove it from carrots and beets when the leaves of the plants reach 20-25 cm. I remove spunbond from pumpkins, squash, squash when they have the first flowers. Thanks to this agricultural method, my plants grow faster and sooner come into fruiting.

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Quick greens

To get parsley, basil, lettuce, chard and other spicy and green crops faster, it is better to sow them for seedlings at home in early March or in the second half of March in a greenhouse (if it is made of cellular polycarbonate), and then plant the seedlings in the ground at the end April - early May and cover with covering material. I plant the March basil seedlings in pots and flower boxes and keep them in a greenhouse.

At the end of June, I cut off the branches of the basil and dry land, and in place of the cut plants I plant seedlings of the basil sown at the end of April. I sow basil seeds at home. In the phase of cotyledonous leaves, I dive into separate pots with a retractable bottom and keep them that way until the seedlings are planted. Basil is a thermophilic plant and will not grow in open ground through seeds in Northwest conditions.

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