How To Get High-quality Seed Potato Tubers From Seeds
How To Get High-quality Seed Potato Tubers From Seeds

Video: How To Get High-quality Seed Potato Tubers From Seeds

Video: How To Get High-quality Seed Potato Tubers From Seeds
Video: How to Make Your Own Seed Potato Sets For CHEAP! 2023, March

I also have experience in growing potatoes from seeds in the city of Tyumen. I am writing this only for Svetlana Shlyakhtina and other similar enthusiastic people.

For those who believe that it is possible to grow potatoes all their life from those tubers that grandparents gave them for planting, and therefore this planting material is considered good, and it is quite possible to plant it along the fence in the country, I think, read on not worth it.

And for people who are keen, seeking, I recommend the following: sow potato seeds on the first Wednesday of February in peat pots with a diameter of 10 cm. It is necessary to provide the crops with the following temperature for seven days - I give them every day: + 25 ° C, + 25 ° C, + 23 ° C, + 23 ° C, + 23 ° C, + 22 ° C, + 22 ° C. Of course, a lot depends on the type of potato, the ripeness of the seed berry and the old age of the seeds (how many years they lay). Drip irrigation is desirable, humidity sensor - it costs a penny.

In a peat pot, I form two layers: the first (bottom) layer is peat, the second (top) is birch sawdust 1.5 cm thick. The depth of sowing seeds is 0.5 cm. Sawdust is a must! This is a guarantee of a good root system, and two layers are needed to avoid transplanting. One pot is one seed. Do not use growth stimulants. Buy a good backlighting lamp. Mercilessly remove all pots without seedlings on the twelfth day! All weak seedlings in the amount of 10% of the shoots should be mercilessly thrown out after the first month of life! Save time and hassle when sorting your first tubers. No hardening is required. Create the same conditions in the greenhouse as on the windowsill at home.

You do not conduct hardening experiments on your child, but why is potatoes worse? Forget about open ground. Do not rely on nature and the absence of frost. Create the climate yourself. Another very important note: only potatoes should grow in the greenhouse! No other cultures. After all, diseases and pests walk through crops.

There is no need to fight with family and friends. Explain to them that in exactly two years, you will harvest four times the potato crop this year. It's not about kilograms, it's about the efficient use of space. In the future, you can four times reduce the size of the area for potatoes. An even climate will produce healthy, strong first tubers. Svetlana Shlyakhtina is 100% right in stating the need to use biofuel when growing potatoes from seeds. And for completely enthusiastic vegetable growers, I recommend using soil heating in the greenhouse with the "Warm Floor" equipment. Do the deepening by 50-60 cm.

I plant potato seedlings in the greenhouse on the last Wednesday of April. Auto-irrigation in the greenhouse is drip, you also need a humidity sensor and soil and air temperature sensors. Gas analyzer СО 2, in my opinion, is an overkill, but the British do not disdain them either. Sometimes this is important. A regular old computer will also come in handy for managing the length of daylight hours, watering and temperatures. There is a program for this on the Internet.

In the greenhouse, plant the seedlings in the holes immediately vertically, as it will grow further - along with the pots. The distance between the pots in all directions is 20 cm. Give the sprouts freedom, avoid their competition for light. Plant with the "five" method, not in rows. This results in a space saving of 20%. Who does not understand what I am talking about, then take the dice for playing backgammon and look at the dots on the side of the "five", and plant it …

Prepare the mulch yourself in the fall or buy it. I recommend - pine bark is ideal. Thank God, we have a lot of it. Do not use leaves and branches of trees and plants. Be sure to bring in fungi or pest pupae. You need pine bark and only pine trees, and if you suddenly come across a dead pine tree in the forest, scorched by a fire, feel free to remove the bark from it. Indeed, for many insects, the smell of fire is the smell of danger.

I do not feed the plantings with anything. I'm just hilling. Hilling not only helps to create the second and third layers of the root system, but also provides plants with oxygen, as well as killing weed roots and collecting insect larvae. I do not recommend adding humus in June instead of hilling. This is a bad substitute for agricultural practices, and you can also introduce pests.

Sow seeds once every three years. And completely change the seed tuber fund. Fertilize and improve the soil with manure, beans and oats, etc. Do not use fertilizers and pesticides. After all, you then have a grown crop. You will see that all costs will pay off many times over.

And the last thing. Good luck to all enthusiastic people! I don’t sell seeds. Grow your own. It is interesting, useful, informative. And exciting. I used to give my neighbors the super-elite tubers every year. But then it turned out that they are lazy, do not want to do this. After the scandals with the beetle, which allegedly started up from me (they did not even bother to read that it flies), I no longer give planting material and do not sell it. I am only sharing my experience. If you have any questions, write to: [email protected]

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