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Pumpkin - Types, Varieties, Use
Pumpkin - Types, Varieties, Use

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"Carriage" full of vitamins


They say that pumpkin is a symbol of life, health and longevity. Last year we had a big harvest in the garden, and one pumpkin was born almost the size of a carriage. Just like in the fairy tale "Cinderella".

Last season we stocked up a lot of pumpkins, there were even problems with storage, but nevertheless we placed them, covered them from frost. And they began to slowly cook porridge, snapping seeds, however, and our living creatures - chickens, geese and ducks also had a lot of pumpkins for food.

I remember how in the turbulent years the pumpkin saved many: there was porridge from it, and they made pies with pumpkin. The table was full. Nowadays they don't really like pumpkin and don't buy it, but in vain! Previously, the pumpkin was more expensive than the golden palaces, it was eaten for good health. And this is no coincidence, because pumpkin is the oldest vegetable, mastered by people since time immemorial. The people of Mexico have bred it for more than five thousand years ago.

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We need pumpkin as a source of vitamins and minerals, it is simply stuffed with them. To a completely standard vitamin set (C, B, E), it is worth adding vitamin K, which is necessary for the synthesis of proteins in the blood and bone tissue, iron, pectin substances that help the body to remove cholesterol, and carotene in it is generally five times more than in carrots !

Pumpkin is a real therapeutic and prophylactic food. And do not think that you can eat it just by closing your eyes, it can be tasty even raw: for this there are nutmeg varieties: Intercept, Butter, Honey Guitar, Nutmeg, Vitamin, Miracle Yudo, Honey, Pearl. And if you still get used to cooking it, the pumpkin will not be "uninvited" guests on your table.

Culinary experts recommend adding a large amount of aromatic spices to the pumpkin. You can mix pumpkin puree with rice and other cereals, add to vegetables brighter to taste. But baking it in the oven enhances the taste of pumpkin best of all. Try a baked pumpkin garnish for any meat - it will be the healthiest garnish you can imagine. The fact is that pumpkin contains a rather rare vitamin T, which promotes the absorption of heavy fatty foods and prevents obesity. So much for the "useless" pumpkin! But it is also not only good for this.

A pumpkin can be both a decorative baby and a serious individual with a solid mass. Usually these are portioned varieties such as Japanese, Iowa, Cinderella, Golden Pear, Chalmoidnaya.

And the solid weight can please you with the varieties: Russian size, Turban Sultana, Titan, Texas, Sugar, Samson, Record holder, Record, Bulk, Marble, Kuban, Large-fruited, Virginia, Ilya Muromets, Spanish, Goliath, Giant, Banana, Atlant, Arkansas other.

A worthy vegetable - kavbuz and pumpkin-melon - are now finding more and more widespread use. Kavbuz is a hybrid of watermelon and pumpkin, there are already several varieties of it: Winter watermelon, Giant kavbuz, Sugar kavbuz, Green watermelon, Melon kavbuz, as well as Kavbudek - a hybrid of kavbuz and decorative pumpkin. Cucumbers and pumpkin watermelons are interesting.

What are the advantages of these unusual pumpkin and melons? First, they have an unusual sweet taste with an unforgettable aroma. They have a firm, almost dry consistency of pulp, weight within 5 kg, they are stored for a long time - almost eight months! Secondly, high culinary merit. The first thing we make from them is jam. We call it "honey" jam - great taste and aroma. Good with tea, and with pancakes, and in pies.

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It can rival any berry and fruit jam. Stores well without losing aroma and taste. We also make marinades from these melons, squeeze juice, cook candied fruits, bake pancakes with the addition of flour, cook porridge - rice, millet, to which we add pieces or mashed pumpkin mass.

There is also such a type of pumpkin as wax - Oblong and Round varieties. They are from Japan and China. Their fruits are oval-cylindrical, 50-70 cm long and up to 30 cm in diameter. Their flesh is white, thick, very tender, of pleasant taste, the yield of varieties is very high. They are stored for a very long time! These fruits are covered with a thick layer of wax, which can be easily removed, you can even make candles from it, they burn well, but there is a lot of soot. You can cook caviar, jam, compote from this pumpkin, as the pulp is very sweet in taste.

A figurative pumpkin will braid any support up to 10 m high, cover unsightly places, fences, and by the end of autumn it will give a lot of rounded-elongated white-striped fruits. They are very decorative in appearance - white in a green mesh. They have the highest keeping quality - fresh up to four years! Young fruits are used as zucchini, mature fruits are used for compote, you can eat them raw, cook vegetable spaghetti. These are such different pumpkins.

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