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Vertical Method Of Growing Pumpkins On Arches
Vertical Method Of Growing Pumpkins On Arches
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A green fence on which healthy and tasty pumpkin fruits grow

In the photo: a rich harvest of pumpkins
In the photo: a rich harvest of pumpkins

Our garden plot is over 40 years old. As soon as spring comes, we spend almost all our free time on it. We grow a huge amount of tomatoes, sweet peppers, other vegetables, herbs, berries. There is a place on the site for your favorite pumpkins.

Many years ago, the impression was created that we were living in a communal apartment: from all sides we could see the neighboring gardens and buildings. Our site was well visible from everywhere, and there was nowhere to hide from prying eyes. We found, I think, an interesting way out of this situation, which can be used by many other gardeners and summer residents - we began to grow pumpkin. Of course, we have grown it before, but horizontally, and now we have moved it to a vertical position. We have allowed these plants to curl along the tall arches that we display every year in our garden. To make them look decorative, connect them together by constructing a tunnel. On the arches, pumpkins liked to grow, because she loves open, sunny places. Plants, without occupying a large area of ​​the garden, grew very actively all summer,tightly with the help of antennae, wrapping around the arches and climbing high up them. The pumpkin thanked us with such a bountiful harvest that it would not have stayed on the arches if their base were not metal.

This is how we grow pumpkins. At the foot of each arch, at a distance of 10-15 cm, it is enough to plant 2-3 seedlings so that they wrap around it and form a dense curtain. When two true leaves appear, we tie each plant to an arch. In the future, this procedure is not required. Since this culture is very demanding on heat, it is necessary to sow seeds after spring frosts. In order not to wait a long time for it to encircle the arches, we germinate seeds in pots, and after the frost stops, we plant the seedlings in open ground. The pumpkin loves loose, manured soil and adequate moisture. Plants will not be prevented by fertilizing containing organic fertilizer in liquid form. The addition of nitrogen to the pumpkin is not required if the soil is well manured before sowing.

Of all the pumpkin varieties, we really liked the nutmeg types of pumpkins: Honey Guitar, Vitamin, Pearl, Nutmeg, Butter, Golden Club, Honey, Intercept, Halloween, Miracle Yudo. But our favorite is the Honey Guitar, this pumpkin without a flaw, it is a pumpkin for all pumpkins. First, it can be stored anywhere: under a bed, behind a sofa, on a wardrobe, etc. Secondly, it is stored until the next harvest, and the longer it lies, the tastier it becomes. Thirdly, it is well cut, its peel is soft, the pulp is tasty with the smell of watermelon, it doesn't even smell like pumpkin, you can eat it raw. Fourth, it is very productive and grows quickly, the fruits are tied under each leaf and grow by leaps and bounds. And, finally, the main quality - the pumpkin can be used for a long time, it is also elongated, and inside it has only delicious pulp,the seeds are in the upper round part. You cut off a piece for cooking, and the rest can be stored on the windowsill or table.

In open areas, to create pumpkin compositions, you can use not only arches, but also supports of a different shape, for example, a straight trellis or a pyramid. She, thanks to its powerful greenery, protects not only from prying eyes, but also from the sultry sun rays where trees do not grow. In addition, it gives extraordinary beauty to the garden plot.

Pumpkins of portioned varieties are interesting and very tasty: Winter watermelon, Sugar cauliflower, Japanese, Carrot sweet, Orange melon, New, Medical, Honey melon, Nutmeg beauty, Spanish, Golden pear, Winter A-5, Winter sweet, Stepanovskaya, Korenovskaya - fruits these varieties have small, orange-red pulp, firm, very sweet. And the size is convenient - cut and eat.

Anyone who wants to grow delicious and sweet varieties of pumpkin can send their seeds by cash on delivery. I also offer many other interesting varieties of vegetable, medicinal, flower crops. I will send a catalog for orders. I'm waiting for an envelope with o / a + 1 clean.

Write: Brizhan Valery Ivanovich, st. Kommunarov, 6, Art. Chelbasskaya, Kanevsky district, Krasnodar Territory, 353715.

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