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Ecologically Clean Concentrated Organic Fertilizer Biohumus EKOMIR
Ecologically Clean Concentrated Organic Fertilizer Biohumus EKOMIR

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Biohumus "EKOMIR" is a concentrated environmentally friendly organic fertilizer containing the whole range of nutrients and microelements necessary for plants. This is an absolutely natural, natural product without chemical additives.

Biohumus "EKOMIR" is a fertilizer that allows not only to get high yields of ecologically clean products, but also to restore soil fertility in a short time and clean them from harmful impurities and elements. Vermicompost is used as the main organic fertilizer when planting, feeding all types of agricultural crops, in forestry, floriculture, as well as in resuscitation and soil reclamation.

Available in packages of 1 l, 2.5 l, 25 l, 50 l

Application of Biohumus "EKOMIR" allows:

  • Accelerate the growth, flowering, ripening of plants for 1-2 weeks;
  • To increase the yield of vegetable and fruit crops by 50-80%;
  • Reduce nitrate content in fresh products by up to 50%;
  • Increase the immunity of plants to various diseases and pests;
  • Improve the structure of the soil and cleanse it from various toxic substances;
  • Stimulate photosynthesis, root and aerial mass development

Composition of BIOHUMUS "ECOMIR"

Biohumus "EKOMIR" contains a large amount of humic substances (20-30%) - humic acids, fulvic acids and humins, - which gives this organic fertilizer high agrochemical and growth-stimulating properties. All nutrients are in it in a balanced combination and in the form of compounds bioavailable for the plant.

Recommendations for the use of Biohumus "EKOMIR"

When preparing soil mixtures for growing seedlings of vegetables and flowers, it is recommended to mix one part of vermicompost with three to five parts of turf or peat for flower pots, it is recommended to mix one part of vermicompost with four to five parts of soil.

When sowing green crops in ridges (parsley, lettuce, dill, spinach, etc.), it is necessary to evenly scatter vermicompost over the surface of the bed, mix with soil and water, and then sow the seeds. For one square meter of the ridge, it is necessary to add 1 liter of vermicompost.

When planting seedlings of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers in open ground, vermicompost should be put in each hole in a volume of 100-200 ml. mix with the ground, water thoroughly and plant a seedling. After planting cucumber seedlings, it is advisable to mulch the ground near the plant with the addition of biohumus in a layer of 1 - 2 cm.

When planting potatoes under each tuber, it is advisable to add 1 - 2 liters of vermicompost.

When planting winter garlic, add 1 liter of vermicompost to one square meter of the garden and mix with the soil to a depth of 10 cm.

When planting shrubs (gooseberries, currants, etc.), it is necessary to add 3 liters of vermicompost to the planting hole, mix thoroughly with the ground, watered and plant the bushes.

When planting fruit trees, it is necessary to add 4 liters of vermicompost to the planting hole under each seedling (apple, pear, cherry, plum, etc.) and mix it with the soil.

To feed the plants during the growing season, it is recommended to add biohumus once a month around the plant stems or in the inter-row at the rate of 1 liter of fertilizer per square meter, mix and water.

To feed shrubs and fruit trees, biohumus is scattered under the crown at the rate of 1 liter per 1 square meter.

When feeding flowers and ornamental plants in open ground, biohumus should be applied monthly at the rate of 300 ml for each plant or 1 liter for one square meter of a flower bed or lawn.

When feeding indoor flowers, biohumus is applied under the plant once every two months, 2 - 3 tablespoons.

BIOHUMUS "ECOMIR" is used for all types of agricultural crops, as well as for the reclamation of soils, dumps, rocks. The application rate on highly depleted soils should be at least 10-15 t / ha. In other fields, the application of BIOHUMUS “ECOMIR” should be carried out in doses recommended taking into account the type of crop, fertility of each individual field. Approximate doses of BIOHUMUS "ECOMIR" application are 3-4 t / ha. Fertilizer is best applied simultaneously with pre-sowing cultivation. With local application, the dose can be reduced to 300-400 kg / ha.

When working with biohumus, the usual safety rules are observed. Biohumus is safe for people, animals and bees.

The effect of the use of BIOHUMUS "ECOMIR" has been observed for several years

Liquid extract based on BIOHUMUS "ECOMIR"
Liquid extract based on BIOHUMUS "ECOMIR"

Liquid extract based on BIOHUMUS "ECOMIR" is a concentrate containing all the components of vermicompost in a dissolved and active state

At present a series of extracts from biohumus "EKOMIR" is represented by the following types: "Universal"; "For flowers"; "For vegetable crops"; "For fruit and berry crops"; "For cut flowers" New is a ready-made hood in a spray bottle. A feature of this product is a special concentration and purification, which makes the hood completely ready for use.

Extraction from BIOHUMUS "ECOMIR" provides: • high germination of seeds, • survival rate of seedlings and seedlings, • increases productivity, • accelerates the growth and flowering of all types of plants and flowers

The hood is designed for foliar feeding of seedlings, grain crops, lawn grass, houseplants, etc. The main purpose of the hood is to feed the plant through the leaf, as well as to create a protective layer that increases resistance against adverse factors.

Top dressing is done by spraying on the sheet with a fine spray:

For seedlings - 1 time in 15-20 days, no more than 4 treatments per season after the appearance of this third leaf.

For indoor plants - once every 1.5 - 2 months.

For seeds - soaking seeds 1 day before sowing in solution for 1 hour.

Concentrate neutral (pH7) - diluted in a ratio of 1:50.

Manufacturer and supplier: "TFD" Ecomir "company

t.: (812) 318-37-57, (812) 318-37-58

e-mail: [email protected],

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