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Northern Tomatoes - Fruitful Varieties
Northern Tomatoes - Fruitful Varieties

Video: Northern Tomatoes - Fruitful Varieties

Video: Northern Tomatoes - Fruitful Varieties
Video: Tomatoes, The Best Varieties? 2023, March

Ripe tomatoes, grown and ripened early on the vine - this is the dream of any gardener in central Russia and, of course, more northern regions. It is very difficult to grow a high harvest of tomatoes in the Non-Black Earth Region, since hot summers in our strip are not often, and to get a good harvest in the north, especially, very early, high-yielding and very unpretentious varieties of tomatoes are needed.

These varieties will be a godsend for those who cannot get ripe red tomatoes on the vine. I have tried several of these amateur strains, i.e. varieties of folk selection that do not appear in catalogs, but are only in the hands of amateurs, and I want to describe some of them.

Tomatoes of the Low-growing early-1 variety in the author's film greenhouse
Tomatoes of the Low-growing early-1 variety in the author's film greenhouse

The earliest variety that I have grown on my site is Labrador. This is a very early variety, the height of an adult plant reaches 30-40 cm, it does not stepchild, the fruits are red, very tasty. The yield of tomatoes from this baby bush reaches three kilograms. I received the first ripe red fruits in my garden in June. The Labrador variety is suitable for seedless growing of tomatoes in our zone by sowing seeds directly into the ground, and I live in Bryansk.

Labrador also performed well in the northern regions. Gardeners love it for its very early ripeness, amicable return of the harvest and for the fact that it gives a guaranteed stable harvest even in cold and rainy summers, both indoors and outdoors. Every amateur gardener can be convinced of this by sowing this variety on his site.

Variety Low-growing superearly - this is a tomato of a very early ripening period (fruits ripen from July) and with a friendly return of the harvest, it does not stepchild. The plant is undersized, no more than 50-60 cm in height, ripe red fruits weighing up to 100 g.

Variety Low-growing early-1. The plant is 70-80 cm high, does not stepchild, red fruits weighing up to 100 g, variety yield up to 5 kg per bush.

There is also a very early variety obtained by our scientists - Dana. This small plant, about 1 meter tall, does not pick up, ripens perfectly both under the film and in the open field. Fruits weighing up to 100 g, very tasty, suitable both for processing and for fresh consumption, yield up to 5 kg per bush.

All of these tomato varieties can be grown both outdoors and under plastic, but indoors you will get an earlier harvest.

I will share my secrets of growing bountiful harvests of tomatoes

In order to have full-fledged seedlings, it is advisable to sow twice as many seeds and from them dive into cups for further planting only highly developed plants. This is what allows you to collect excellent harvests of tomatoes from these plants. On the site, it is imperative to observe crop rotation, since tomatoes in one place can be grown for no more than three years, and then the place must be changed.

Our soils are poor in nutrients, and in order to get a high yield of tomatoes, it is necessary to apply organic and mineral fertilizers. In the spring, when digging a site for planting tomatoes, you need 1 m? add 20 kg of humus (rotted horse or cow manure) and a two-liter can of ash obtained from deciduous trees. When planting tomatoes, it is also necessary to add 1-2 matchboxes of sifted ash to the hole, mix it with the soil, spill it with water and plant the seedlings.

During the summer, you need to make three root dressings with "Sudarushka", three foliar dressings with "Ideal" and one foliar dressing with boron-magnesium microelements.

The varieties grown by me are more resistant to late blight, but at the first signs of this disease, the plants must be urgently sprayed with the preparation "Oxyhom" or "Hom" three times per season. It is necessary to spray tomatoes from late blight in dry weather (so that there is no rain for a day and the drug can be fixed), very carefully, on all sides of the bush with a sprayer with a fine spray. All leaves, fruits and ovaries must be covered with a protective film, otherwise there is no guarantee that late blight will not develop.

The greenhouse should be constantly ventilated; during the flowering of tomatoes, the temperature should not exceed + 28 ° C, since pollination does not occur at high temperatures. But if, nevertheless, the pollination is bad, then the plants must be treated with the preparation "Ovyaz".

If gardeners follow my advice when growing tomatoes and choosing varieties, then even where people used to call their area "the place of evergreen tomatoes", they will get red tomatoes on the vine, and if they use a film cover, they are guaranteed to get early ripe harvests of tomatoes even in the cold summer.

For gardeners wishing to grow ultra-early varieties of tomatoes, I can help in purchasing seeds of varieties: Low-growing early-1, Low-growing large-fruited, Pink amateur, Dana, Pink sugar, Low-growing ultra-early, Labrador, Fat man sweet pepper seeds, cucumber seeds and other vegetables. I am sending a catalog of my plants. Be sure to include a clean self-addressed envelope when you correspond.

My address: 241028, Bryansk, st. Nagornaya, house 22. Belyaev Alexander Maksimovich. My phone number is 8-961-106-17-46.

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