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Vitamins For Plants "Aquadon-Micro" - Mineral Microelement Fertilizers
Vitamins For Plants "Aquadon-Micro" - Mineral Microelement Fertilizers

Video: Vitamins For Plants "Aquadon-Micro" - Mineral Microelement Fertilizers

Video: Vitamins For Plants "Aquadon-Micro" - Mineral Microelement Fertilizers
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We humans, taking vitamins along with our main diet, feel much better: we have more energy, enthusiasm, ideas. Plants, like humans, need vitamins, which are environmentally safe and effective, in addition to the basic nutrients in the form of macrofertilizers, for full life. Several years ago Russian scientists thought about this problem, and the result of their intensive work was the innovative product "Aquadon-Micro".

"Aquadon-Micro" is a mineral microelement fertilizer in the form of polymer-chelate complexes with a wide composition of microelements (Fe 2+, Cu 2+, B 3+, Mo 6+, Zn 2+, Mn 2+, Co 2+, Mg 2+, S 6+), the content of which is selected in the best way for individual crops and the conditions of their growth. The drug is used in very small quantities for foliar feeding of plants, which is most effective (the rate of application is 100 ml per 10 liters of water, the consumption of a working 1% solution is 1 l / 30-40 m?), Which provide fast delivery of nutrients through the leaf apparatus to plants during especially important periods of their development, and root dressing (1.5-2.0 ml per 10 l of water, the consumption of the working 0.015-0.02% solution 10 l / 4-5 m?) during the growing season in open and protected ground, as well as for hydroponic crops (solution concentration 0.001-0.01%). A unique component of "Aquadon-Micro" is the polymer "Acremon", which has adhesive properties and provides the delivery of trace elements to plants in the most accessible form.

The use of the drug provides plants with a balanced micronutrient nutrition, which leads to an increase in the yield and quality of agricultural crops, an improvement in plant immunity (they become more resistant to diseases) and, as a consequence, to a decrease in costs, including by reducing the consumption of macrofertilizers, drought, frost and heat resistance of plants, as well as stress resistance of cultivated plants to the action of herbicides (when burned with herbicides, the leaf surface of plants is restored).

Agrochemical advantages of "Aquadon-Micro":

  • contains biogenic elements in a physiologically balanced ratio, which are almost completely absorbed by plants and accelerate their development;
  • intensifies the processes of photosynthesis, thereby reducing the growing season of plants.

Technological advantages of


  • allows to reduce the amount of applied macrofertilizers without reducing yield and product quality;
  • polymer matrix with "adhesive" properties provides a prolonged effect of the fertilizer and its indelibility with water and resistance to insolation;
  • compatible with most pesticides;
  • ensures the ecological safety of the soil horizon (does not acidify it), groundwater and atmosphere;
  • after freezing and subsequent thawing, all the properties of the fertilizer are preserved.

For more than three years, the drug has been effectively used in the cultivation of various crops by large agricultural producers of the Leningrad, Moscow, Pskov, Kirov, Kostroma regions, the Central Black Earth Region, the Krasnodar Territory and other regions of the Russian Federation.

At present, 4 brands of complex microelement fertilizer “Aquadon-Micro” have been developed and are being produced for retail trade: “Universal”, “For vegetable crops”, “For fruit and berry crops”, “For perennial grasses”.

You can buy Aquadon-Micro fertilizer in city shops:

The chain of hypermarkets "Maksidom", Stores of CJSC SSPP Sortsemovosch, CJSC PZ "Prinevskoe", Stores "Zemledelets", etc.

If you have any questions, please contact the exclusive distributor of the manufacturing plant LLC "Orgpolymersintez SPb" - the company LLC "SevZapAgro", 196084, Russia, St. Petersburg, st. Koli Tomchak, 28.

Tel / fax: +7 (812) 640-22-91, 493-32-91, 373-59-47,

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