Tomato Varieties For Growing In Low Film Greenhouses Or Greenhouses
Tomato Varieties For Growing In Low Film Greenhouses Or Greenhouses

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determinant tomatoes
determinant tomatoes

Tomatoes varieties Garant

Today tomato has become the most widespread crop not only in the world, but also in Russia. But 150-200 years ago, only residents of the south of Russia (on the Black Sea coast) could afford to grow this exotic. Nowadays even novice gardeners grow tomatoes everywhere.

Two centuries later, the Russian gardener confidently picks ripe and tasty tomato fruits in his beds, which are often located in the most northern regions of Russia: in the Leningrad, Vologda, Kirov regions, in the Republic of Karelia, etc. And it has already been forgotten that the cultivated tomato is of South American origin (Peru, Ecuador).

There is no doubt that this species acquired such plasticity only thanks to the tireless and systematic work of breeders. We will now introduce you to the varieties of tomatoes bred specifically for growing in low film greenhouses or greenhouses. These are medium-sized (1-1.5 m) determinant varieties and hybrids that ripen 100-110 days after germination. All of them are well adapted to the most different climatic conditions, are fruitful, tasty, and most importantly, they are able to forgive mistakes in agricultural technology.

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determinant tomatoes
determinant tomatoes

Tomatoes varieties Northern Lights

The guarantor is an early-ripening variety that ripens on the 100-105th day after germination. Fruiting well in film shelters. Height up to 1 m. Fruits weighing 90-100 g are resistant to cracking, have excellent taste, ripen together, are suitable for salting and canning. Planting density - 5-6 plants per 1 m2 (formed into two stems). The yield is 10-12 kg / m2. Ripens on a bush even in Siberia.

Tsarskoye Selo early - early ripening variety (100-105 days), plant height 80-90 cm. Ripening amicably, fruits weighing 90-100 g, do not crack, taste good. In a film greenhouse, 5-6 plants are placed per 1 m2, formed into two stems, the yield is 10-12 kg per 1 m2. The Northern Lights are a precocious variety (105-110 days).

Plant height up to 1-1.2 m. Fruits are red, elongated-rounded, smooth, without ribbing, weighing 85-100 g, excellent taste, resistant to cracking. 5-6 plants are planted per 1 m2, formed into two stems. Harvest 9-12 kg from 1 m2.

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determinant tomatoes
determinant tomatoes

Tomatoes varieties Tsarskoselsky early

Slastena is a mid-season variety (95-110 days) for open ground and film greenhouses. The plant is determinate, up to 1.2-1.5 m. Fruits are oval-rounded, red, weighing 90-120 g with a dense, sugary tasty pulp. 4-5 plants are planted per 1 m2, formed into two stems. Productivity 12-15 kg per 1 m2. The indisputable advantage of all these varieties is their reliability, a friendly return of the harvest, which does not depend on the whims of the summer St. Petersburg weather.

The agricultural technology of these varieties is very similar, as, incidentally, it is applicable to the cultivation of most modern varieties of tomatoes in the Non-Black Earth Region of Russia. Sowing seedlings is carried out from mid-March. It is advisable to grow seedlings through a school. To do this, prepare a shallow (5-6 cm) wooden box with drainage and fill it with peat soil.

The soil is spilled with a dark red solution of potassium permanganate, grooves are made with an interval of 5 cm, a depth of 0.5-0.7 cm.In the grooves, dry seeds are laid out at a distance of 0.5-1 cm, sprinkled, and then the soil is slightly compacted, and the box is covered plastic wrap. Before emergence, the box is placed in a very warm place (25 … 30 ° C). Water carefully, if necessary, through a strainer, so as not to wash out the seeds.

determinant tomatoes
determinant tomatoes

Slastena varieties

With the appearance of the first shoots, the film is immediately removed, and the box is placed on the lightest windowsill. The hardening of the school during the first 7-8 days after germination is carried out using a window, which, if necessary, is draped with a cloth. During hardening, the air temperature should be no more than 13 … 14 ° C.

Then the temperature is increased to 20 … 22 ° C. A school (young seedlings) is dived (transplanted into pots) 18-20 days after germination. Pots (bags) should be filled with good, nutritious soil and a capacity of at least 0.5 liters. The seedlings are deepened to cotyledon leaves.

The seedlings of these varieties are 50-55 days old. Tomatoes are planted in a permanent place at the rate of 5-6 plants per 1 m2 and after 3-5 days they are tied to a trellis or to stakes. I want to remind you that in order to obtain early and high yields of tomatoes in the northern regions of Russia, it is necessary to use the simplest film shelters (greenhouses, hotbeds) and provide for a second shelter of plants with lutrasil (spunbond) in case of cold snap or frost.

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