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Indoor Tomatoes, Ultra-early Ripening And Exotic Varieties Of Tomatoes
Indoor Tomatoes, Ultra-early Ripening And Exotic Varieties Of Tomatoes

Video: Indoor Tomatoes, Ultra-early Ripening And Exotic Varieties Of Tomatoes

Video: Indoor Tomatoes, Ultra-early Ripening And Exotic Varieties Of Tomatoes
Video: 25 Different Types of Tomatoes - English Vocabulary 2023, March

Such different tomatoes …


Tomatoes are the most valuable vegetable crop. They have high taste and nutritional qualities.

The nutritional value of this food product is due to the fact that the fruits contain a large amount of substances important for the human body and, first of all, vitamin C - 19-35 mg, vitamin B1 - 0.6-1.6 mg, B2-1.5 -6 mg per 1 kg of fruit.

In addition, the fruits contain sugars (3-7%), malic, citric acids and mineral salts. And the low calorie content of tomato fruits (160-200 kcal / kg) determines their value in dietary nutrition, especially in obese patients, when a feeling of satiety develops rapidly against the background of the low calorie content of this food product.

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Orange-colored tomato fruits are high in beta-carotene, which is an excellent prevention of cardiovascular and oncological diseases. All this indicates that by using tomatoes, we not only satisfy the purely physiological needs of the body, but also prevent the occurrence of a number of diseases. The world of tomatoes is amazing and diverse.

In terms of the prevalence of cultivation, this culture, without a doubt, ranks first in the world. On my garden plot, the main areas are occupied by tomatoes, I test about 100 varieties annually. This is possible thanks to communication with breeders and amateur seed growers.

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Indoor tomatoes


Some tomato varieties are adapted to a small feeding area and low light. This allows them to be grown indoors and consumed fresh all year round. I have tried 10 varieties of indoor tomatoes, but for growing I selected only varieties with a fruit weight of 60-100 g: Craiova, Mini, Pacio, Arctic Flame, Pink Pearl, Japanese dwarf.

The composition of the soil for growing indoor tomatoes: 10% humus, 80% garden land, 10% sand. I irrigate with ordinary water, alternating them with fertilizing solutions using complex fertilizers at the generally accepted rate.

In natural conditions, tomatoes are pollinated by wind. Indoor tomatoes need hand pollination. This is the main agricultural technique for growing indoor tomatoes, and it is available to everyone. The effect is achieved by daily shaking of the blossoming flowers.

Indoor tomatoes in the open field reveal their full potential with sufficient illumination and nutritional area: the plants are completely dotted with fruits. And taking into account the planting density (10-12 bushes per 1 sq. M), indoor tomatoes in the open field surpass their tall relatives in yield. They also favorably differ in ease of maintenance: they do not require any garters or pinching, and if there is a threat of frost, low bushes (their height is 25-35 cm) can be easily saved with a covering material. All these circumstances make it possible for novice gardeners to successfully grow these varieties of tomatoes.

Ultra early ripening varieties

The main part of the territory of Russia is a zone of risky farming. The short summer, the sharp contrast of day and night temperatures, abundant dew at the end of summer, the ubiquitous late blight are examining gardeners in the most serious way. But thanks to the achievements of domestic breeding, new ultra-early ripening varieties of tomatoes have appeared in the arsenal of gardeners, the full return of the harvest of which occurs by mid-August, and therefore they escape from the defeat of late blight.

These varieties are resistant to stressful situations: they exhibit the ability to set fruit under the most unfavorable weather conditions, and tolerate low temperatures. They are also attracted by their unpretentious care: they are undersized, compact, do not require garters and pinching, and are ideal for growing in small areas. Even the names of these varieties of tomatoes reflect their characteristics: Alaska, Snowdrop, Polar early ripening, Bullfinch, Snow Fairy Tale, Sub-Arctic, Taimyr, Yamal. In the southern regions of Russia, these varieties can be used for a very early tomato harvest.

Tomato varieties for exotic lovers

For gourmets, I can recommend the Ellow Stafer variety for growing. Its fruits are yellow, cuboid. The thick walls and hollowness of the fruit make it possible to use these tomatoes stuffed.

Very decorative and high-yielding Orange Icicle, Pink Icicle.

I also grow traditional varieties with an unusual color on my site: De-Barao striped, Bovine heart white, Pepper black. Gypsies and Nefertiti also have black fruit.

Unusual color of ripe fruits of tomato Emerald apple: green with a bronze tint, they invariably mislead thieves.

I pay special attention to gardeners on the Maestro variety. This is a novelty in the seed market, an unsurpassed product for canning: the fruits are leveled, oval, weighing 120-150 g, super dense (you can cut them into slices like a cucumber), and they are kept fresh for a long time. The dense fruits of tomatoes Coconut palm, Kuvalda, Legenda and Moscow delicacy are also good for canning and storage.

The grapefruit tomato variety is recognized as a masterpiece of world selection. Champion in taste and beauty. The new variety with yellow skin and pink flesh confirms its name. The fruits are large, sweet, and have no voids.

White-fruited tomatoes Zephyr (very sweet) and Lotus (peach taste) have an amazing taste. Against the background of wide potato leaves, the white fruits of the Lotus look very impressive. Very sweet fruits and tomato honey drop.

Exclusively decorative varieties of tomatoes Velvet, Blue Spruce and Gray Prince. The fruits are densely pubescent and have a velvety surface. The stems and leaves are also pubescent, have a blue tint and appear to be covered with frost. A truly fabulous sight.

The prize-winner of the Lorraine beauty contest
The prize-winner of the Lorraine beauty contest

The prize-winner of the Lorraine beauty contest

Last season, we managed to acquire the most beautiful variety of tomato Lorraine beauty. Fruits are flat-rounded, corrugated, bright red, dense, weighing up to 500 g. This tomato is a prize-winner of many exhibitions.

The richest color range has the Silver Spruce variety. Fruits are flat-rounded with a pointed apex, red with yellow, orange and silvery stripes, up to 200 g in weight, very decorative.

There are also tomatoes with unusual leaves in my collection. Herringbone and Tayana have deeply dissected leaves, like carrots. But the hedgehog tomato bush has a rounded shape with protruding broad-leaved leaves.

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