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Exotic Species And Varieties Of Cucumbers
Exotic Species And Varieties Of Cucumbers

Video: Exotic Species And Varieties Of Cucumbers

Video: Exotic Species And Varieties Of Cucumbers
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exotic cucumbers
exotic cucumbers

I grow many rare crops on my personal plot. These are sunberry, saraha, nightshade, spinach-raspberry, chufa, chumiza, kuuziku, kruknek, lofant, bush melons, more than 100 varieties of tomatoes, about 40 varieties and varieties of cucumbers. I would like to tell about the latter.

The world of pumpkin plants is amazing and diverse. The most important place among them, of course, is occupied by cucumber plants. After all, no gardener can do without them.

Cucumbers are considered a low-nutritional food. After all, they do not have a high calorie content, they have few carbohydrates and few vitamins, but there is more water in cucumbers than in other vegetables. But, nevertheless, cucumbers have their own virtues that made them a popular vegetable. They have a refreshing effect on the body. The enzymes contained in them contribute to the better assimilation of protein foods, and the presence of alkaline salts helps the body to get rid of harmful metabolites.

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Cucumbers diversify and enrich the human diet. They stimulate appetite, promote better absorption of animal products. Fresh, salted and pickled, they are causative agents of gastric secretion, improve digestion. In medical nutrition, cucumbers are recommended for obesity. Cucumber juice acts as a remedy for gout, lung diseases, kidney stones.

Cucumbers can be grown not only to satisfy the physiological needs of the body, but also for aesthetic pleasure and knowledge of nature. Therefore, on my personal plot, I grow cucumbers of various shapes, colors and tastes.

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Anguria Syrian (Syrian cucumber)

exotic cucumbers
exotic cucumbers

Annual herbaceous culture. It is advisable to grow through one month old seedlings. When the soil at a depth of 10 cm warms up to 10 degrees Celsius, I plant the seedlings in the garden. I grow a plant in a free creeping form without pinching. Anguria leaves are deeply dissected, most of all similar to watermelon.

Flowers are yellow, small, dioecious. Fruits are light green, up to 8 cm long, smooth, some of them form small spines. The culture is quite fruitful: up to 30 fruits are formed on each plant. Fruiting until autumn frost.

I haven't found any pests or diseases on it yet. Young cucumbers are used like ordinary cucumbers: in salads and for canning.

Melotria rough (African mini cucumber)

exotic cucumbers
exotic cucumbers

Perennial liana-like plant. We have to grow it as an annual crop through one-month seedlings, because the tubers that form in the ground during the growing season freeze in winter and rot in spring.

Melotria's leaves are similar to cucumber leaves, but much smaller. The flowers of this plant are yellow, very small, female solitary, and males are collected in groups of up to 6 pieces. The fruits of melotria are green, with a well-pronounced marble pattern. Melotria greens taste like cucumbers, are eaten fresh, ripe fruits and greens are used for canning.

Italian cucumbers Abruzze and Barrese are very peculiar

exotic cucumbers
exotic cucumbers

Cucumber Abruzze. Medium-growing, leaves and flowers like those of a melon, dioecious, solitary. The fruits are light green, with a pronounced longitudinal ribbing, up to 45 cm long. Zelentsy have the taste of cucumber, and in biological maturity, the fruits acquire the taste of melon.

Cucumber Barrese. Bushy cucumber form. Melon-like leaves and flowers, collected in groups of up to 8 pieces, male flowers prevail among them. Fruits are dark green with well-defined longitudinal ribbing, up to 45 cm long. The taste of the fruits is the same as that of Abruzze.

Cucumber Lemon

exotic cucumbers
exotic cucumbers

Cucumber Lemon differs from ordinary cucumbers in its round shape and yellow color. It has well-defined crispy properties. Ideal for canning, looks unusual in cans.

Orange cucumbers from Sun Sweet (Denmark) are very unusual. Fruits are cylindrical in shape with a "spout", universal use.

White-fruited cucumbers

The following varieties are presented in my collection: Snow Leopard, Snow White, White delicacy.

There are several varieties of long-fruited Chinese cucumbers in my collection. The Chun-Gu variety is especially good. Fruits are thin, up to 50 cm long, sweet. Very tasty in salads and preparations. For canning, the fruits are cut into pieces.

Bush cucumbers NK-mini and Malysh are very good. Due to early maturity, planting density and bundle arrangement of fruits in the axil of each leaf, they surpass traditional varieties in yield. And the NK-mini cucumber is also ideal for growing in the room.

Cucumbers Micron and Boy Scout

Very good for canning. Harvested up to 5 cm in size, they taste great and have good crunchiness.

Taking into account the color scheme, assorted cucumbers of various varieties and types will look very impressive in a jar.

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