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Crop Greenhouse
Crop Greenhouse

Video: Crop Greenhouse

Video: Crop Greenhouse

Our competition "Summer Season"


We built a greenhouse on the site from the material at hand, obtained during the uprooting of the site. We covered it with Stable foil. And although it is more expensive than other films, we did not have to regret it. The film has perfectly endured three winters, frosts, strong winds, mountains of snow on the roof. Not torn or stretched.

The advantages of this film, which we do not shoot at the end of the season, I see the following:

- the laborious work of annual film removal and stretching has disappeared;

- the season of work in the greenhouse begins earlier and ends later, without haste (and everything is under the roof, i.e. under the film);

- the film itself is more than twice cheaper during operation than conventional film.

Gardener's guide

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In March, as soon as the sun begins to warm, I cover the beds (there are three of them) with old, used film and glass frames. Fill the barrel near the middle bed with water. When the soil thaws 10 cm, I loosen it with a Swift flat cutter and sow white mustard. It perfectly tolerates frosts down to -7 ° С. For better mustard growth, I cover the beds with foil or lutrasil.

In mid-April, mustard grows very well, i.e. the soil has warmed up, and you can plant parsley, dill, Mokhovsky radish around the perimeter of the garden (it does not shoot in the greenhouse). I plant fragrant onions, chard, sage, beets, Azart salad on the seedlings around the perimeter.

In mid-April, in the center of the garden, I plant a salad of March seedlings of the Azart and Lollo Rossa varieties. By May 5-9, the salad can already be pulled out after one, and by May 20, the salad garden is completely cleared. I usually distribute part of the harvest to neighbors, because our family has enough of it.

We collect mustard for salad from the second half of April. It is also enough for our table, and we treat our neighbors. In mid-May, the mustard is already blooming, and I pull it out, grind it and again loosen the soil with a Strizh flat cutter, covering it with green fertilizer. Then I water the soil with a solution of Baikal EM (for better decay) and plant the main crops.

Three varieties of pepper grew in one garden bed: Black handsome, Snegirek, Health. At a height of 0.8-1 m from the soil, I pull the rope and cover the seedlings with spunbond. The pepper plants tolerated unexpected frosts well and yielded excellent harvest. The Snegirek variety turned out to be the best, in my opinion, both in terms of yield and beauty of fruits.

The tomatoes occupied two beds. On the middle one grew four Lemon-Liana bushes, on the other - the Northern Beauty, Northern Lights and Gavroche varieties.

Tomatoes of the Northern Beauty variety gave some tomatoes, got sick and had to destroy them, but the Northern Lights and Gavroche varieties, as always, pleased with their harvest. Four buckets of yellow tomatoes were collected from Lemon Liana tomatoes.

All summer under the bushes of tomatoes around the perimeter of the growing salad Azart from seeds, did not shoot. The last harvest of lettuce and parsley was harvested in mid-October (when the beds were being dug up).

In addition, at the beginning of May in the greenhouse, I sow cucumbers and zucchini for seedlings in 0.3 liter cups. She grows strong and well adapted. I cover the garden with lutrasil on top.

After harvesting in October, I remove plant residues (I cut off the stems with a pruner), and the roots are perfectly cut off by the Swift. My film from inside the greenhouse with a solution of copper sulfate from a watering can. And again I sow white mustard. But last fall I sowed late, and it grew only 10 cm. I added more lupines and dug everything up. I watered the garden with phytosporin solution. Clematis rooted under peppers in the summer, Bogatyr parsley for early greens remained in the greenhouse to winter.

Here we have such a productive greenhouse.

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