Growing Tomato Seedlings
Growing Tomato Seedlings

Video: Growing Tomato Seedlings

Video: Growing Tomato Seedlings
Video: ★ How to: Grow Tomatoes from Seed (A Complete Step by Step Guide) 2023, October

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tomato seedlings
tomato seedlings

As with peppers, tomato yield is highly dependent on the quality and age of the seedlings. It is desirable to have her age at least 60 days. It is best to plant the seedlings in place in the bud stage. To get what you want, the seeds must be sown after March 10th.

However, it should be borne in mind that varieties with different ripening periods bloom at different times. Therefore, late-ripening varieties need to be sown 7-10 days earlier, and super-early-maturing varieties, which are now obtained by breeders, can be sown in the last decade of March and even in early April.

Tomato is a thermophilic culture, but lower temperatures are sufficient for it than for peppers. So, if for the normal growth of peppers seedlings 18-25 ° C are required, then 15 ° C and above are enough for tomatoes. At 10 ° C, the growth of tomatoes stops (for peppers - 13 ° C). Another difference from peppers is that tomato seedlings grow strong only with a certain balance of temperature, moisture and light. If this balance is disturbed, then the plants instantly stretch out strongly, and this is already a lost crop. The most difficult thing in growing tomato seedlings is to prevent the seedlings from pulling out.

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Tomato seeds are sown in the same way as peppers, and they are also treated with potassium permanganate before sowing. Many experts believe that cold treatment of sprouted seeds does not give any effect, in contrast to hardening the seedlings before planting in the ground. Sow with a margin, so that when picking, the strongest plants can be selected. Crops are kept at a temperature of 22-25 ° C. As soon as the first shoots loops appear, the film is removed from the crops, the crops are transferred to the windowsill, in the brightest and coolest place. The first 4-5 days, the temperature should not be higher than 14-17 ° С during the day and 10-12 С - at night. If some plants have come out of the ground with a "cap", you need to wet it with water several times a day to get it wet, and try to pull it off the plant if it cannot cope with this work itself.

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Tomatoes are very light-loving plants. The more light they receive, the better they grow and the less they stretch. They spread their leaves wide to capture more light. They must be constantly spaced away from each other so that they do not shade neighbors and do not stretch out. It turns out that tomatoes take up a lot of space on the windowsills. If the plants are too crowded, you need to reduce their number, acting on the principle of "less is more". We will not lose from this in the harvest.

Further care is normal. To prevent the plants from stretching, it is necessary to limit watering: water when the plant is about to wither. Excessive watering is very dangerous for seedlings - they can get sick and die. If the soil is fertile, good seedlings will grow without top dressing.

Otherwise, feeding is a must. Either with each watering, like peppers, or at the stage of the 2-3rd true leaf, when flower buds are laid in the plant, and then every 10-14 days.

If possible, it is necessary to take the seedlings out into the fresh air - she loves it. Plants that will then grow in the open field must be hardened before planting on the beds: first, gradually accustom them to outdoor conditions during the day, and then leave them outside and at night.