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How To Germinate Seed Potatoes At Home
How To Germinate Seed Potatoes At Home

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Seed potatoes as an interior item

growing potatoes
growing potatoes

Much has been written about preparing for planting seed potatoes, but for many gardeners this information remains inapplicable in practice. The reason is trivial - there is no place in the apartment, and there is nowhere else to cook it. He himself fought wars with his wife for the opportunity to place boxes with seed material in the house.

Maybe my solution will seem acceptable to someone. All design features of the rack and trays are visible in the photo. Since autumn, I have been placing the seed material on trays, in which it is stored in the cellar (the trays are stacked on top of each other without a rack).

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growing potatoes
growing potatoes

In the spring I bring a rack into the house, insert trays and cover the entire structure with non-woven material (agrotex). From time to time I swap the upper and lower trays. The fact is that the lower ones are less well lit. 10-12 days before planting, I close the rack with an opaque material. That's all the construction-related wisdom.

Such a device has a number of advantages:

• takes up very little space - in the apartment it is allocated an area of ​​70x45 cm, on which there are 16 trays, each of which can hold a bucket of seed tubers;

• trays are easy to interchange for uniform illumination;

• the trays slide out easily for spraying and control

• there is no need to turn the tubers on the trays, they are located in one row, and the trellised bottom allows you to illuminate the tubers from below;

• non-woven material allows you to "dim" the light, which eliminates the "lignification" of the sprouts;

• an optimal microclimate is created under the nonwoven fabric. Tubers lose less weight and nutrients;

• Covering before planting with an opaque material removes the effect of inhibitors formed in tubers in the light. Seedlings appear 5-7 days after planting;

• construction in "working order" does not spoil the interior of the room;

• in trays it is convenient to transport planting material to the landing site (by car).

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growing potatoes
growing potatoes

In addition, I use this structure to dry greens in summer, and in autumn, before harvesting potatoes, I dry onions and garlic in it. Therefore, my construction is not demountable. I think it won't be difficult to make it collapsible. To assemble the shelving and trays, I used waste material - I bought a cut in the carpentry. If you purchase processed slats and paint them, the design will look much more presentable.

While walking towards this structure, more than once "stepped on a rake":

At one time I used boxes stacked on top of each other. But in order to change the upper boxes with the lower ones, it was necessary to disassemble the entire stack. It is long and inconvenient.

• The first racks were twice as wide, but working with trays, into which two buckets of tubers are loaded, is not very easy, especially with the top ones, and if you also have a growth that is not "basketball".

• Without non-woven material, the sprouts lignify in direct sunlight, which further reduces the yield.

• In dry air, the apartment tubers quickly become flabby and lose many nutrients. Nonwoven fabric solves this problem.

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