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How To Grow Tomatoes On A Windowsill Or Loggia
How To Grow Tomatoes On A Windowsill Or Loggia

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Recommendations for growing tomatoes on windowsills and balconies

Those who do not have their own piece of land can grow tomatoes on the windowsill, balcony, loggia.

growing tomatoes
growing tomatoes

For growing on the windowsill, the following varieties are used: Kolibri, Pinocchio, Ranetochka, Antoshka, Spiridonovets, Orenburzhets, Little Prince, Boni M, Beta, Early rose, Yamal and others. These plants are short, not spreading, their fruits are small.

Growing pots can be used with a volume of 1-1.5 liters, but if you have 5-7 liters pots for planting, then the yield in them will be 2-3 times higher. Moreover, in large pots, plants of these varieties do not need to be formed, i.e. do not remove stepchildren (side shoots).

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On the balcony or loggia, you can also grow determinant tomato varieties, i.e. medium-sized: White filling, Explosion, Early-83, Gnome, Shuttle, Dove. A good result is obtained if you use hybrids: Semko-98, Semko-101, Semko-100, Semko-200, Blagovest, Olya, Boomerang, Verlioka, etc.

Of course, it is imperative to grow seedlings in the room at the age of 60 days, and in the third decade of April, transplant its prepared pots with soil and put it on a balcony or loggia. In case of frost at night, the plants can be covered with paper, newspapers, film, spunbond, whatever you have.

You can leave no more than 12 flower brushes on such plants. On the central shoot there are 4 brushes and 4 brushes for two stepchildren, the stepsons must be left in the upper part of the plant, the lower stepsons must be removed. On such plants, you can get up to 60-70 not very large tomatoes.

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growing tomatoes
growing tomatoes

Indeterminate (liana-like) varieties and hybrids can also be grown on a balcony, loggia, but the capacity must be at least 10 liters. They are even easier to work with. Form only one shoot, i.e. stepchildren remove everything. Seedlings for them are also grown in a room until the age of 70 days, and then transplanted into large containers on the balcony.

The varieties are good here: De Barao red, De Barao pink, De Barao black, Anna German (yellow fruits with a spout, similar to a lemon). Hybrids: Typhoon F1, Ostrich F1, Funtik F1, Samara F1, etc. In indeterminate hybrids and varieties, the first flower cluster is laid after 9-11 leaves, i.e. high. In order for the flower brush, and then the fruits to form below, the seedlings can be cut above the pot itself. When she picks up 7-9 leaves, you need to count 4 leaves from the bottom and cut off the top.

Put this tip (sometimes it has 3 to 5 leaves) in clean water or directly into the ground. When it gives roots in 6-7 days, it should be immediately planted in a bucket. But you can immediately plant it in the ground, it will still take root. On such plants, the fruits literally hang on a bucket. From them you can get up to 10 kg per plant.

growing tomatoes
growing tomatoes

What kind of soil to choose for planting?

I plant in the "Living Earth" and add nothing more. If you use ordinary soil, then you must definitely add organic matter (humus, manure, Omug). And be sure to add two tablespoons of double superphosphate to the bucket, the same amount of azophoska or ecofoska. Throughout the summer, you need to do top dressing with Azofosky or Eco-friendly, but even better for this are "Solution A" or "Solution B".

The containers (pots and buckets) must have good holes and stand in the pallet. Watering and feeding is best done through the pan, the plants will drink as much as they need, and no crust will form on the top of the pot.

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