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How To Update An Old Garden
How To Update An Old Garden

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The youth of the old garden

Our garden is quite old, it is already about thirty years old. But, as it seems to us, he does not age, but every year it prettier, younger and becomes even more attractive.

Of course, this requires a lot of work, care, invention, but everything pays off a hundredfold, as it brings peace of mind and joy of creativity.

Our garden pleases us and those around us, from whom we hear many kind words about its beauty and comfort. However, it was the neighbors who prompted us to take part in the landscape design competition.

artificial reservoir on site
artificial reservoir on site
lawn with flower beds
lawn with flower beds

We have only six acres in gardening on the 55th kilometer of the Murmansk highway. But the garden is planned in such a way that almost everyone who comes to us is sure that it is much larger than it actually is.

The garden is divided into different areas. There was a place here for a large "front" lawn in a beautiful combination with a slide, and a quiet, cozy corner with a charming pond, and a "round living room" framed by thujas, clematis and roses.

From the "front" lawn through an arch with trellises, delighting with the flowering of clematis and roses, guests find themselves in a shady apple orchard with a soft green carpet of the lawn and a cozy gazebo entwined with maiden grapes and clematis.

At the entrance to the house there is another small pond with a fountain and original lighting and a quiet green corner for "meals" on hot days.

And behind the house there are so-called "backyards" with a round platform, paved with saw cuts (chocks) of logs, with a semicircular fence and log benches. In the center there is a round hearth, built of

arch and trellis
arch and trellis

natural stone, on which you can cook kebabs, smoke a fish or just sit by the fire.

Nearby - a round pond with beautiful white nymphs and a small number of fish, illuminated by small lanterns. In the garden, besides flowers and conifers, there are many stones that emphasize the beauty of plants.

We also grow all the necessary vegetables and berries: cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, carrots, beets, zucchini, strawberries. But our garden is not visible, as it is located in two glass greenhouses.

Our garden is alive, and not only for viewing and delight. It is good for animals (cat, dog, turtle), and adults, and, of course, children.

And one more clarification: everything that is in our garden (arches, trellises, gazebo, folding chairs, benches, hearth, wattle, etc.) is made by hand.

I really want our garden to be liked by the readers of the magazine. Maybe someone will be carried away by the creation of an eternally young garden just like us.

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