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Series Of Giant Vegetables "Russian Size"
Series Of Giant Vegetables "Russian Size"

Video: Series Of Giant Vegetables "Russian Size"

Video: Series Of Giant Vegetables "Russian Size"
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The experiment to test new products was a success

Recently, there has been a lot of hype among gardeners and truck farmers around the series of giant vegetables "Russian Size". Of course, I could not refrain from trying to grow these vaunted giants on my site, and that's what I got out of it.


The season began in the greenhouse with radish - the seeds sprouted together in early February. The plants developed rapidly, and already at the beginning of March we were holding the first radish root crop in our hands - it grew large, but it didn’t amaze the imagination with its size, there are other varieties of this kind, and sometimes larger ones, although it tasted good.

In March, it was the turn to plant cucumbers from this series. Already in early April, we feasted on even, up to 10 cm, fragrant cucumbers. Fruits of a standard size and abundant fruiting, they are good both fresh and lightly salted and canned.

For seedlings in March, we sowed white cabbage, cauliflower, tomato, sweet and bitter peppers, onions, celery, leeks, watermelon, lettuce. All the resulting seedlings were then planted in the open ground at an early date, and this is the result: white cabbage turned out to be of an early ripening period, grew right before our eyes, neighbors skeptically passed by along the border and said that these giant "labukhs" would not make a fork. But in mid-June, the cabbage began to fold, turning into a huge green-salad ball, some heads were 10 kg each, and some even folded into 20-kg dense heads of cabbage, which then lay on the barrel, since the root-leg could not hold them straight … The harvest was enough for both myself and the bird feed. This cabbage turned out to be sweet and tasty. Cauliflower also delighted with the harvest of very large heads. The whole family was also delighted with tomatoes and sweet peppers.

The tomatoes were born weighing more than 1 kilogram, they were sweet, tasty, one tomato was enough to make a cup of delicious salad. Pepper from one brush disfigured 800 g each, the rest were 500 g or less, but the size was impressive.

We also liked the leeks from the “Russian size” series, its “leg” is really much longer and thicker than the others, in the garden it is immediately visible among others. And ordinary onions also grew sweet, delicious.

I didn't like the bitter pepper very much, the yield is high, but it did not surpass the "Sheep Horn" variety.

But the salad grew excellent, its heads of cabbage, indeed, were up to 2 kg. And celery made me happy, it happened that we dug up root crops weighing more than 1 kg.

The watermelons were medium sized but very tasty. Of course, if they are planted out in the open, they will probably be able to reach the sizes that were stated in the booklet, but the crop that has grown is also pleasing.

In the second half of the summer we sowed daikon radish, turnips, and early spring - carrots, zucchini and pumpkin, parsnips, peas. I'll start with the daikon - he was huge, because we were not too lazy and before planting we dug the garden well - with a full bayonet. The only thing that caused inconvenience - it could not fit in the refrigerator, nor wash in the sink - it did not fit.

The turnip, of course, did not gain the three kilograms promised in the advertisement, but copies of 600 g came across. It is very good in salads. The carrots and parsnips also did not fail. In general, the carrots are huge, but there are no complaints about the quality - they are moderately red and sweet.


The pumpkin from the garden had to be carried out on a blanket and, like a lady, one at a time in the trunk was brought home from the site, no longer fit into the car. The zucchini also pleased me, it turned out to be for winter consumption, very tasty jam, casseroles and other culinary delights were obtained from it. The peas were not very impressed, the peas are large, but the pods are few, maybe this was not his year. In the greenhouse, dill "Russian size" pleased with abundant greenery - really giant bushes were growing.

They also decided to plant some species from this series in the flower garden. Marigolds, asters, calendula, pansies, antirrinum, mumulus were very pleased with the beautiful forms. Compared to conventional varieties, Russian Size has its own flavor.

Giant vegetables and flowers in your garden are real, although many gardeners tend to consider it just another "scam". For the most part, these are those people who were deceived when selling some of the advertised seeds, or those who could not provide the crops with normal care, if, of course, they were given the promised bags of seeds. After all, there are still a lot of fakes on the market.

In turn, I offer a collection of proven vegetable, medicinal, spicy-flavoring, flower crops, planting material for onions and garlic. I am waiting for a self-addressed envelope for an answer.

Write to the address: Brizhan Valery Ivanovich, st. Kommunarov, 6, Art. Chelbasskaya, Kanevsky District, Krasnodar Territory.

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